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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Karen Buie

Talked with Karen Buie.

She is an exceptional talent. She had a really long day today she told me because of all the filings by all the candidates who plan on running for public office this election. Record numbers of candidates filed. A couple of party surprises on the local level. For one, I'm glad to see Dave Fisher is running as a Republican for Drain Commissioner. Almost across the board there are a lot of candidates for both parties. Karen said the Chronicle was there so the news of the results will be in the paper, maybe tomorrow. I will try to put up the information here, and get in touch with some of the candidates.

Karen Buie for County Clerk will be saved a primary but Nancy Watters filed to challenge her in the general election. Rumors are that Ms Waters is pretty well funded. Here is a race in which we can beat the big money with some good old fashioned "we the people" door to door work. Maybe if we can gather some people here we could figure out some event to put on and help the community at the same time. Suggestions?

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