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Monday, May 19, 2008



A new well done classy joint is opening up in our neighborhood, on 3rd street across from the old Matson dealership. I saw somebody painting the outside so I stopped. His name is Jeremy Paquin. He showed me the inside which was really nicely redone. I mean nicely done. I’m in the trades and this place has style. This place looks like it means business. Jeremy told me he and his wife, Jamie moved here from Texas and they are both Chefs. The other part of the sign proudly proclaims Bakery and Bistro. This is not just a fancy dunk your donut. This lovely young couple are chefs, I mean they actually cook real food with a “Bistro” flare. The kitchen though not functional yet, looked impressive to me. I mean you mix quality fare with baked goods, well I wish they were already open. They say mid June perhaps earlier.

I stopped in later and had a chance to meet Jamie. She said the focus would be that they were using local products as much as possible, Getting special coffee blends from Grand Haven, and using local grown produce. I will leave the rest of the menu and business plan for them to flesh out on their web site as they build it. She gave me their web site. Like the business the web site is there but still under construction. Their phone # is 725-9500, don’t try the phone as it’s not hooked up yet..
Jamia told me that they both moved from Texas to open their business here, around two years ago and have been working to make that broken down store front into something. I feel that they are making it into a reflection of themselves,, something special fresh and new. We will be better off IMO if we conform more to them than they to us. I truly wish them well.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS I’ve put their link on my sidebar under “Stores I Really Like Close By”
Jeremy told me also the store hours will be Mon - Sat. 7am-5pm. Looks like there will be another choice for breakfast and lunch in the neighborhood.


Alagirl said...

I am a close friend of Jamie's and I can assure you that anything she is a part of will be wonderful. I wish I lived close by to experience this new endeavor because I know it will be a huge success. I am sure that once you visit and taste their fare, you will visit again and again.

live dangerously said...

Hi Alagirl, welcome.
If they are as good as chefs as they are store remodelers then they will get my vote. I'm looking forward to their opening.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Angie Vicari said...

Jamie and Jeremy are amazing!! They did mine and my husbands wedding cake and..... WOW!!! It was more than I could have ever imagined it to be!! I was so sad when the people at the reception hall started hacking into it!! It was truly and amazing work of art!! They are so talented and anyone who has a chance to taste the creations these two are capable should consider themselves very, very lucky!! -Angie Vicari

live dangerously said...

Hi Angie.

You guys, my stomach is starting to growl. I'm hoping for a really decadent creme puffs. I can't wait to see the menue. I don't hardly eat out but I'll give this a go, that's for sure.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative