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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This One Was Here When I Needed Him.

I had a busy confusing and complicated day. First I went in the morning to see my boy fresh from Boston at his house he bought here in Muskegon last year and I had been helping him fix it up. We took some measurements bought some lumber set up the saws then I had to leave as my very closet friend was being prepped for a triple bypass surgery which turned out to be a quadruple.

I went home first to clean up and change clothes. While there my guy who was painting my house finally had shown up, it was noon of course he said he’d be there at 8. Well this had gone on for 4 or 5 days and he didn’t show one of those days. Well last night he had asked to borrow a ladder from me. The new one I had out back that I never used because it was too big and heavy. Luckily after I said yes I had second thoughts, and followed him to see where he took it. It seemed reasonable so I figured that was ok. I went home and slept on it.

Today when he finally showed up, I had some time before I had to be at the hospital so I swung by the place I had seen him take the ladder to. Something just didn’t seem right, later I was glad I did. I recognized the guy who my painter had brought with him last night to help him with the ladder. That fella was working at another house. I stopped and asked about the ladder, he asked if I had gotten the money, I asked what money and he told me that he had bought the ladder from my painter for $70.00. Well I finally had enough of my painter. I was worried though about the confrontation, you know the he said, I said kind of thing that can escalate pretty fast, I had previously worked in bars as a bouncer and I didn’t want to go to jail if I had to defend myself. Luckily as I was debating how to fire him a cop was driving by and on the spur of the minute I flagged him down. I quickly explained my problem. I told him I wasn’t going to press charges but I wanted him (the policeman) to know what was going on and to be parked close by just in case.

This Policeman listened to my story and probably thought I was a little short of a full load. He did however do as I asked him to do. He did say jokingly to fire him quick as he was on the way to check in at the end of the day. Well it all worked out fine. My painter left without a fight and the policeman left to quit for the day. I was really glad that the policeman did what he did. He didn’t have to and he could of made a complicated mess of the whole thing but he didn’t. The problem was solved. I do love people that resort to common sense. Lol. Granted the crook made $70 off of the deal and doesn’t have to finish the job. Maybe not justice but I’ll sleep well tonight, I doubt he will. I gave him a chance and he knew it because he saw the black and white after I fired him and he thought he had to go talk to him. He couldn’t quite believe that I was letting him go. He asked me twice if he didn’t really have to talk to the policeman. I told him he didn’t that he was free to go and that I had given him a chance which he should use. I felt like the priest in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. Lol I then still had enough time to go back to find the guy that bought my ladder. I did and we talked during which time I found out that my painter had previously sold my metal brake which was still in my yard chained to my trailer to that same guy for $200.00 It had cost me $1200.00 The guy had paid him, he showed me the card that he had kept track of his payment to my painter. Well I had second thoughts whether I should of pressed charges. But I think I’ll let it go at that. I’m hoping there was a reason for it happening the way it did. There’s a sucker born every minute they say, well my painter must of thought he’d run into twins. Lol.
From there I hurried to the hospital. After a 6 hour operation things were ok. She was pumping her own blood again. With the help of friends and family she will be back working as hard and non stop probably sooner than we think is prudent. But after today, what do I know?? I’ll be doing what the doctor says. That woman means a lot to me, she watched my back when others left me. She’s that way. I’m happy to have the chance to watch hers, when she can’t tell me not to.

I do want to take the opportunity to thank the Policeman who helped me out without throwing his weight around. When I think of all the grief they get from the public, I probably wouldn’t of been so nice if I was in his position. I made sure to thank him as he rode off. I gave him my precinct delegate/ blogger card, I hope he reads this blog. The most telling point of this whole episode is that I just realized I didn’t get his name. This tells me that I take the Police so much for granted and I buy into the negative pr they get that I take them completely for granted. He was there when I needed him to be and very cooperative, when he was in a hurry and didn’t have to be. He humored me, he believed me enough, and after all the abuse he probably receives from the public went with my idea. Thank you sir again for the help. I cannot even pull up a good picture of his face. The uniform and car and position have left him faceless to me. I truly regret I can’t thank him personally, by name, as one person does to another human being.

Well I’m happy today is over and all in my life is secure. Too bad I have to paint the rest of my house now. I won’t be able to hire anyone else. Oh well a small price to pay for getting my friend back, making a faceless Police force human, and even giving a wayward person a second chance. Most of all I’ll sleep well tonight. I hope all do. Today I saw the forest through the trees. Saw what helps keep all this neighborhood working. The authority needed to help us when we wander. We may abuse them because we don't like seeing in ourselves what causes the need for them. But needed they are, as I learned to day if for nothing else but to watch my back. Again thank you and feel free to contact me with your name so I can properly say thanks.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


Crack'd Writers said...

wow what a day you had??????????

live dangerously said...

Yeah, but tommorrow always comes.
Regards Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.