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Monday, May 19, 2008



This is an update on what I know about the upcoming meeting at the Love Fellowship Baptist Church this Thursday. I called Jill Montgomery at the Health Dept. to find out some stuff. I hope I accurately report what she said. First she took some umbrage at the notion of this as being a study. She explained it to me that the state gave the money to the Health Dept. to formulate a plan detailing the necessary steps needed to accomplish the goals of bettering the health or quality of life of the neighborhood. I know it is a pretty broad stroke. BUT---

The purpose of the meeting at the church is to provide another means to gather as many varying ideas and options to help formulate that plan. If ya got em, bring em. See the side bar for the exact time and location. BTW there will be food (free.) See I’m feeling healthier already.

Ideas can be anything from garden spots, basketball courts, baseball fields, soccer teams, bus passes or other methods of getting to grocery stores, building a park, If you can think of it bring it with you. That is what the meeting is about.

I would like to retract my earlier writings that claimed falsely as to the purpose of the money being to fund a state run store. I guess I let my right wing whacko paranoia get the better of me. As Joe Friday always used to say. Just the facts Mam, Just give me the facts. Well today I got some of the facts from Jill, hope to learn more at the meeting. First there is not enough money available to start a store. Secondly, she mentioned something vaguely about only enough to fund 5 projects. I might be wrong there. The point is, that she is talking about smaller more personal projects. I like that. As a concept I like smaller people oriented projects. I like diversifying, The facts will be there.

Please come to the meeting and find out what others think and most important put in your thoughts. Let’s show that we also can be constructive in our criticism.

Regards, Live

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