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Friday, May 16, 2008



Yesterday I wrote my piece here about what to do if there seemed nothing to do about securing the cause of Freedom (My Freedom) that day. I came up with the idea that by organizing my thoughts on what I’m doing would help me keep in the forefront of my mind those basic ideas so if an opportunity presented itself I wouldn’t miss it.

Well after I wrote that piece I decided to go find a lawn mower, and a chain, as someone stole mine. As I was backing out of my lot, I saw an older woman pulling one of those two wheeled shopping carts. So armed with my newly focused ideas I stopped to ask her if I could give her a ride. You know me being all noble and such. Well as soon as she looked at me I knew. Those eyes were sharp clear and wise. She and I talked for awhile, she didn’t want a ride. She told me a lot about the neighborhood and Clara Shepard, and politics. She doesn’t know anything about the internet or computers, But she knows more than I do about life. She thought it fateful that I stopped her and talked to her about Benson Drug and my effort and Clara Shepard and hers. We parted with smiles and continued about our business.

I’ve thought about her saying how fateful our meeting was. Finally it dawned on me that it was. It reminded me that while all the blogging and thinking about politics has it’s place, none of it is of any importance to others unless and until it is used to actually do something in the community. Also the concept I was writing around yesterday came into focus. Helping others helps yourself. It is a “selfish” act, to help others, if you can’t accept that term, call it a “win win” situation. The irony in life is that giving is truly a selfish act. For some reason in our makeup we feel pleasure, when we help otherw, we feel better when we help others. The more personal the more we like it. Donating to welfare through taxes isn’t quite as fulfilling. I think it was when researching my “two Brooks make an emerging River” article on my other blog that I came across something from one of Arthur Brooks books, I think it was the “Gross National Happiness” the story about the Millionaire who gave out cash, I think Hundred dollar bills to people he didn’t know as anonymously as possible. When asked why, he simply said it made him feel really good.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS>Purep at Muskegon Comical gave me the heads up of a meeting about the $20,000 loan and study of resident health issues at Love Fellowship Baptist Church, 1404 8th 5/22/08 at 6:30. I’m putting it on the calendar on my side bar. I’m going join me. Like the “Constrained Vision” says. Whether you like it or not, it’s there. The money will get spent. I want to be part of the discussion on just how it does. Maybe some good can come out of it. Mainly I want to see as little harm from it as possible. I surely don’t want to use government money to set up competition and drive something like Benson’s out of business. Call it the Wal-Mart Syndrome. Lol

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