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Thursday, May 15, 2008



What can I do today, to save the world? Some times I’m too busy to do or even think of what those big things are that I can do to change things. Sometimes I just have to lay back and relax. This blog is not about becoming a frantic political activist, James Carvel has no worry from this end. What I’m talking about are the personal things I do during the day. I’m trying to set myself up a type of filter that can remind me that even the smallest of my actions has consequences for me and my Freedom. So far this is what I’ve come up with.

The first is that blaming others (verbally or mentally) for what happens to me due to my own actions doesn’t accomplish anything and detracts from doing something constructive that could help myself.

Secondly BELIEVE that I have the right to do as I chose. What I chose will define me as a person.

Third, that I decide and do something is justification enough for that action.

Fourth, I must accept the consequences of those actions.

Fifth, people have to help themselves, I have to be sure if I offer help to someone else that it does not hinder them from helping themselves. Teach them to fish not give them fish. Teach them # 2. Do not blame them (#1) Counter productive to me.

Sixth, teach myself to use the “unalienable” tools I have to help myself. Those tools are logic, thinking for myself, taking the time to think through a question. Decide what I want to do and form a way to do it. But KNOW that I as all humans have those abilities. Again try not to hinder others from doing the same.

Well that all of a sudden seems like a lot to do today outside of work, mowing the lawn, splitting wood, ect. I’ll have a full day just helping myself. I’m sure during the day if I keep these things in my mind, ways will filter through that can really help Freedom one person at a time.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Always feel free to comment, I really want to get some people together to brainstorm ways to do something any thing from planting flowers, to studying and presenting a proposal to the City Commission, anything we think will be a good thing for the cause of individual freedom in our neighborhood.

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