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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Conservative Coffee. First Ever

Well I convened the first weekly “Sunday Conservative Coffee for Ward 2 Muskegon” this glorious Sunday morning. The sky was clear the sun was shinning, I bought a coffee, put my secret red “Red Wings” cap on the table and waited for people to flock to me. Well nobody did. There was an old guy, older than me anyway sitting in a booth kitty corner to me and he pointed to the wall next to me which was covered by a huge Picture from the 1930’s of downtown Muskegon.

This man asked me if I remembered that. I said I remembered the same stores but from the 1950’’s and he said “oh” like I couldn’t understand some secret knowledge he possessed . During the course of our conversation he let me know he was a retired educator, that he was of an age where he grew up with prejudice but always tried not to be so himself. He told me what he thought on a variety of things.

He told me how his mother told him how cute a little black girl was and how she couldn’t help it that she was that color. He told me how even at his young age how he thought that was unfair, and how he didn‘t think like that. He also told me about his views of the Spotlight incident, and that the owner was a black from out of town, and had a party for underage black kids and even though there was no alcohol he thought it was wrong to give black kids a place to hang out especially in a bar. How he was afraid of black youth in the street. I kept butting in and it would take awhile for him to recognize I was trying to say something then off he would go again, this time about how the civil rights rallies were staged by the media in the 60’s. The guy just keep on talking, I kept trying to change channels but my remote wasn’t working properly. Lol I guess part of the reason I didn’t like it was because it was a little to close to me, made me start to look at my actions with others. Do people think I am doing the same thing.? God I hope not. Part of this blog is to help me help myself. Socially I’ve been like a piece of wallpaper, I’m trying to get off the wall. I tend to “philosophize” instead of getting into what others are thinking. It’s just easier. Like it’s easier talking about something than actually doing something, anything constructive.

I’m trying to not be like that guy. I hope I can listen and learn from others. If you think “young and stupid” isn’t a truism, I hope to show that “old and brain dead” isn’t either. I hope that part of my brain that welcomes change hasn’t totally atrophied. I finally told that gentleman that I had to finish reading my book. He said ok and then as he was leaving he told me that he was there every Sunday morning. Man oh Man what was the name of that Disney movie with Bruce Willis about seeing yourself in the future. Scary stuff, not the movie which was uplifting, but the thoughts I was having. Well like him I’m still going to be there next week and like I say till you know what freezes over. I’ll deal with him and own thoughts about it as I will. Before this I had thought about moving to maybe Mia and Grace when they open. Maybe rotate among the local eateries. We’ll see. I see also another diner on Jefferson and Clay calling itself Carment’s is coming soon. I peaked through the window and it looks like the old Walgreens downtown in the 50’s. Ooops there I go again.

I think at least I have to keep the idea that meaningful conversation is a two way street firmly in my brain will help. Talking and listening. For me to keep from getting like that and keep my mind open to change and be able to adapt to reality I need to be able to truly listen to others. Without that, my version of Bruce Willis’s movie will not be an uplifting one.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. Still time to get in the Memorial Day Parade Fruitport, walk and pass out candy. See my side bar titled Calendar. I’d be happy to hook you up with directions or give you a ride whatever, you can pick between walking with Karen Buie or Holly Hughes. Let’s pray the rain holds off. Lol. Email me -- Or go to their web sites on my side bar and let them know. They’ll be happy you called.

PSS. Found the Bruce Willis Disney movie. “The Kid“, I loved it, Bruce shows he can act and not just as a rock em sock em type. I’m a fan of his and the rock em sock em stuff. I admit it. Guess it’s a guy thing. I’ll bet he’s a secret Conservative. lol

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