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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I drive an old Ford Pickup truck which I paid $1,000 for and I could barely afford that. I need a truck to do what I do. It carries my tools around. I get 10 miles to the gallon. It’s 10 miles or more to Meijer’s. If I need a gallon of milk it would cost me $2.79 on sale today at Meijer’s and $4.00 for gas. That’s $6.79 for that gallon of milk. Well I know better than that, I used to go down to the gas station where it cost $3.69 and almost no gas. Saved me probably counting gas $2.50. But WAIT.

I found a blessing in Benson Drugs, it is closer than the gas station, and way cleaner and friendlier. The milk today is $2.79 on sale. The majority of the time it is on sale. I’ve picked up cheese, eggs and some other food items cheaper than at Meijer not counting the gas. That’s right cheaper and if you throw in the gas savings or bus hassle what a deal.

Benson’s is a first class place on top of that. The people are friendly, try saying hi to them and see. They are an example of free enterprise at work. I would rather have them continue to expand their food line than have some government program try to set up something. We know how that would work, look at Katrina. Anyway their link is below.
Make sure you check out the weekly specials.

I talked with Darin at Bensons this evening as I picked up my milk and coffee strainers, about what he thought about trying to sell some produce and he seemed eager and said he had been trying to do just that. Darin has been expanding the food line constantly for quite awhile now and it seems to be working. He told me that the owner had just bought him a three door cooler for selling frozen food out of and sales are brisk. Darin pointed to a basket at check out with some bananas in it which they were selling one at a time, and they were selling. Darin also said apples were sold that way and sold well. Produce sells if people have a choice.

I’m going to talk with the owner tomorrow about selling produce. Darin told me to and said he’d be in. If some more people let the store know they would shop for food there we may be on to something. This is what I’m trying to do on this site. Get some change going, not just talk about it.

Suggestions, any one? Petitions Ideas.”? Anyone want to come along with me?

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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