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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Cruel and unusual punishment. That’s the way I used to feel as I walked past US 31 barbeque when I was quite a bit younger, broke, with a drinking problem, no work, barely surviving through no fault of anyone else. The cruel part was behind the building in that glass front rotisserie, really quite a beautifully constructed thing. Slowly going round and round were those huge juicy beef and pork roasts slowly cooking to perfection. Oh it was heart stopping, and all those juices sizzling --- and the smell, well now you know what I mean by cruel and unusually potential tasty punishment.

I’m still not well off but George Buris’ US 31 Barbeque is one of the few places I go to treat myself and or a friend. I used to go there with my kids when I could. The handmade shakes were just out of this world and the kids loved the fries.

Again as with Bolt Hardware, US 31 to me is, was and always will be there. A fixture I take for granted. I decided to stop in and introduce myself and find out the story behind the business. They weren’t open when I went but I knocked on the back door, and George Buris came out and after introductions I said I’d like to interview him but I wasn’t the chronicle or anything and my viewer ship was 10-20 on a good day. We started talking and the history began to flow. People like to talk about what they love and know. His Dad Paul Buris started the business in 1939 on Ottawa St. He ran it till 1953 when his son, the man I was talking with, and current owner took over. He told me that the Chronicle said that the US 31 Barbeque was the oldest family owned restaurant still in operation in Muskegon County. He proudly said that they have done that with the same 3 sandwiches. He left it up to me to draw the obvious conclusion. Those sandwiches are deeeeelicious.

Also coming up in October is the 70th anniversary of the Restaurant.

{{{ Just my idea, we the people got active by getting involved by eating there. We helped make it a success. If government would offer such a satisfying fare as Mr. Buris does what an enjoyable thing government could be}}}

We talked of things we found we shared in common, like the love for the old downtown. The old Michigan and Regent theatres, as a kid George said that he was especially fond of the pool hall. Come to find out he knew my Dad. Well I’m digressing, back to business.

If you’re familiar with US 31 Barbeque you’ll know that they strive to produce quality. Their entire selection of entrees just includes 3 sandwiches. A beef or a pork or a combination of each barbeque. The recipe is secret and most people me included have tried to copy it. Speaking for myself my attempts while edible were a distant second. They do offer French fries, and of course those “to die for” shakes. If you want fancy, well you can leave it home because there is only room for good at the US 31 Barbeque. My opinion is that fancy is usually just a way to disguise or dress up a not so good thing. No need of that here. And if you want fast clean and efficient service you will get it. More time to enjoy the meal in the booth. Also if you need some for the office call it in and before you get there your order will waiting.

A word of caution about seating. It is limited and a line usually forms right at the peak times so plan accordingly. Anyway take it from me it is worth the wait. If I blog too much about restaurants at times forgive me. If you’ve been hungry food seems to always be lurking in your brain. Lol. Well I’m hungry now got to go.

Here are the hours, location and phone.
Monday - Thursday 11:00 - 7:00
Friday + Saturday 11:00 - 8:00
Closed Sunday.
Location 151 W. Muskegon Ave
Phone 231-722-3948

Also on my side bar scroll down to the “Stores I Really Like” area for their info any time you’re on my site. Say if you want to order lunch ahead lol.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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