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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Daily Update

Heard from a common friend that the blogger at the New Nelson Neighborhood blog is busy taking care of her mother who has fallen very ill, and hasn’t had the time to keep up with her site. Her link is below.
I hope she doesn’t mind but I’ll add some things here that I picked up. Talked with the Muskegon coordinator? Of the Water Walkers. She put them up during their stop in Muskegon. It went off without a hitch after overcoming a last minute schedule change. Those Walkers walked quicker than expected and Morning had to hurry up and rearrange lodgings ect. But things worked out.

I also found out from the same person a couple of things about the coming meeting about the Community Mental Health funding for a study of the health of our community to be held at the Love Fellowship Baptist Church 5/22/08 at 6:30. (See my “Calendar of Events” tab on my side bar to the right of the post). What I found out is that it is being put on by Community Mental Health. Not the Nelson Neighborhood group. This will be the time to let Community Mental Health know what you think. One good idea already brought up which will be brought up is that someone volunteered to set up a soccer team to play in the local league at that wonderful field across the street from the Fellowship Church on 8th st. The problem is we don’t have a team. We don’t have a team because of lack of funds. One the cost to join the league, and the kids need equipment for their own safety and that meets the rules of the league. That sounds good to me. Getting some of the kids into organized sport has not only the obvious health benefits of exercise but all kind of other good things. Not least of which is to give some an alternative to roaming the streets. I’ll be letting Benson’s know of the meeting and try to get them to come to see at least what the neighborhood thinks of the need for food providers in the community and let him see what I perceive as the threat of possible state funded competition. Hope you all can show up, bring any ideas you have, last chance for input before the bureaucracy gets its hands on it.
My best wishes go out to "Nelson Neighborhood" and hope her mother is well.

Be warned I noticed in the following I’m waxing philosophical. I know I promised earlier to keep this blog wax free. Lol I couldn’t help it. Forgive me.
Next on to my stuff.
Went to the Republican 2nd dist. Roundup. Mainly billed as a strategy session and leadership session to help coordinate Republican efforts, up and down the our beautiful west coast of Michingan. It turned out to be a good start perhaps of something a little more. I had never been to one but everyone said they were surprised by the large number that turned out. New faces were there. New voices that weren’t afraid to speak up were there. A lot of new ideas were put forth. The main one I and others pushed was the idea of issues being the important thing that drives elections not chart and graphs. We need the issues first then the other. See my blog on the Peggy Noonan article I posted last nite
There was some younger voices there. I think the message is starting to get through. If those new voices can stay on point, considering the political climate maybe some good can come of this and a new Republican Party can emerge that we can again be proud of. A Party that is inspired by ideas not computer driven analysis. God Bless Peggy Noonan. We don’t need salesmen selling OUR party we need people figuring out one on one how to get people to trust us one on one then maybe they’ll trust our candidates. Then maybe the candidates can earn their trust. I was inspired by a speech from our redoubtable Congressman Pete Hoekstra. There, is one voice from an issue driven person who has stayed the course we all can trust. I for one will push all I know how to on the issues. I hope every candidate at all and especially locally can use those core ideas to shape their message about what they plan to promise the people they plan on doing. I’m not talking hot button issues. Locally I’m talking things people can relate to. Making government work. Make it more efficient, relate what you can do to the people. How you as their representative are going to make government work better for them. Not give them more but make government a better experience when used.
Any way, I just wanted to recap the event. A new website for the County Republicans was put up, is in the process of being formed. Could be a good tool. Hope we can steer it in the right direction. User friendly. One thing Congressman Hoekstra said that gave me more hope was that he thought this was good. We may have more of these meetings. If so I want to be prepared with some concrete things we can do. Maybe a Freedom list of principles. Maybe just one thing. “IT’S THE GOVERNMENT STUPID” Government’s broke let’s fix it.

Regards, Live Dangerously.

PS. Any candidate that wants to let me know anything they want or need I’ll be more than happy to post. Upcoming event I’ll put it in the calendar on the side bar. Need volunteers I’ll mention it at least in your side bar tab. Want to have a side bar tab let me know. I’m here to help I’m free. Use me. Lol I’m also worth every penny. Not many viewers YET. But for the price you can’t lose.

PPS. Anybody else feel free. I set up this site to try to coordinate efforts and ideas. To help facilitate the making of an issue orientated Republican Party. For anything to change input from different places need to be heard and joined with the others.

Please voters and the people that work for them (the candidates) feel free to comment on any article, you can comment on anything at all. Doesn’t have to do with the article at all. I’ll try to monitor it all everyday if I miss something feel free to gripe at me post again. For those who would rather not post feel free to email me at

Thanks again, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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Awesome to find a blog with this kind of local coverage. Keep it up. Wish we could clone it.


live dangerously said...

Thanks, from the 2nd district roundup sounds like we're trying with the new Muskegon website being set up as we speak.
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative