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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Yesterday I was in Benson's picking up my gal. of milk on sale for $2.79 and I stopped and really looked at the new 3 door freezer section they recently put in. I noticed the Ice creme and frozen dinners ect. But what really jumped out at me was the frozen fresh meat. Real deal meat. Pork chops and I saw some hamburger there too. Small amounts but it looks like they are just testing the waters. I'm not going to meijer's just to pick up a lb of hamburg any more or a gal of milk, I can't afford to pay the gas. Don't forget to check out their weekly specials on their website. See my side bar under "Stores I Like Close By"

Also stopped in to Logan's print shop to ok the printing of my precinct delegate/ blog site cards. Gee does that make me a professional blogger. OOPS I guess I forgot free enterprise 101 To be a pro, I'm supposed to make money not spend it. lol Maybe I should become a professional bureaucrat. Anyway back to Logan's. They seem to cover all aspects of the print world. I saw a nice area set aside just for weddings, invitations ect. BTW Printing is all they do. They seem to do it well. Today I'm picking up my cards. They are on Apple by Benson's. Go from one driveway to the next. Don't forget to look as you cross the street though.

Scroll down my side bar to "Stores I Like Close By" for more details

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