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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Breaking News

I don't know how valid this is or what the lady thinks of the news but here it is.


Is there a ressemblance??

See the #2 comment for my views. Needless to say I think "Big Politics" suck; along with Big Government, Big Business and Big Labor. Our party however is no different in its elitist bureaucratic political shenanigans. Michael Steel for example backing Scozafavva in NY23 then saying we have no chance to win back the US House --- Later retracting both statements.

People ask me why I’m so consumed with politics. I always have something to say, and it usually revolves around the idea that to get any of the things done that I complain about, politics is the vehicle in which to do that. That goes to the dislike for “Big” when they try to impose their will on me. Even more to the point, without even bothering to ask me.

I was reminded upon reading about Paula Nowakowski’s sudden premature heart attack, just what is really involved in my involvement in politics, and why I dislike “Big Politics”. She was quoted in the article linked below the quote.


{Nowakowski was a fierce partisan and told POLITICO in 2007, “I hate being in the minority.”
“The worst thing about working for Boehner right now, frankly, is that we’re in the minority, and that is something that bugs me every day when I walk into the office,” she said at the time.}
The whole purpose driving her and John Boehner in their ceaseless efforts is to take back the house. For Steele to say such a thing (a week earlier) shows how removed as head bureaucrat he is from the actual people in the fray. He probably is looking at Illitch’s balance sheet right now and wishing we could put a candidate forward like her in Michigan. (I HOPE HE DOESN”T)
I am assuming I know; but remember he is getting paid $233,000.00 to be NRC Chair and even while the fundraising of the NRC has fallen off, he is busy getting paid for speaking engagements on his tour to promote his new book. If actions speak louder than words, I think money plays a big part in his psyche.


I guess “Big” is becoming associated with Arrogance more and more. Whether “Big” causes arrogance or not; I’m not sure but I’m leaning heavily that way. The “association-causation fallacy” theory regardless.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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