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Friday, January 22, 2010

Path to Victory. 2010

This should be of interest to all you political junkies out there whether ye be “Old Hands” or new acquaintences from the “Downtown Scotty Brown” phenom.

Conservative Outpost sent an email out with some good stuff for the 2010 Senate races.

The first was Karl Rove’s map of the way things stand now.


Next was a break down done by Rasmussen about the same thing but better fleshed out.


As both reports caution however and as proven by Scott Brown things can change in a heartbeat. Just to be ludicrous in 10 months before the election there will be on average 56,160,000 heart beats in the 300 days. I’ll save you the trouble, 130 beats per minute for 300 days.

Well what can go wrong; --- Plenty !!!! I mean that’s a lot of heart beats. The main thing will be the attitude that the Republican Party brings to this. Already the condescending emails from the Party Apparatus, and here I mean the Bureaucratic apparatus of the NRC seems to joyfully be patting themselves on the back for doing such a good job, as they ask for more money.

I am happy for their efforts to be sure. What bothers me was the little respect that is paid to the people on the ground that got the whole thing off the ground. Mitt Romney as an individual played a key role in the beginning with money and other help. A lot of Brown’s staff were Romney people. Along with that was the volunteer help from the likes of Tea Party people and other independent voters who did the heavy lifting.

All the phone calls and going door to door and just hanging out and talking to people helped more than anything to make this a national spectacle and bring in the big money that put Brown over the top. Remember this money was not from a few big contributors but from littleBig people all across the country. It was the Coakley big money special interests that grabbed the headlines. After Liberals crying for 40 years about the Republicans coddling up to Big Pharma; Coakley’s last minute gala fundraiser was put on by the Pharma’s.

People are voting against big Government as well as the hypocrisy and condescension of its leaders, and the Special interests that bribe it.

While I’m willing to believe Mr. Steele, the head of the NRC when he claims that the efforts were not ballyhooed for a reason, I question why he has to make that arguement in the first place. As leader of the NRC he was selected not to be Candidatelike but behind the scenes Leaderlike. He seems to be too worried that he will not be getting enough credit that he seems to think he deserves. He gets well over $200,000.

That kind of thing we expect but if it trickles down to the state parties and the county parties; then that can be harmful.

I’m reading “To Empower People” by Berger and Neuhaus which talks of how to empower people. How government can get people back into the equation as the prime movers. They talk a lot about how when the government takes something over then the individual stops volunteering. People begin then to lose the idea of duty and instead look at what rights they have to the help – as either taker or giver.

The Scott Brown race was a grassroots effort and I don’t want to see the Party dampen all the enthusiasm by trying to control that effort. If this becomes another top down effort the movement will disintegrate and fall apart. As my whole credo has been Bottom UP Politics, I think of government, bureaucracy and the political system should be there to help me and the rest of the people better accomplish what they want; to facilitate us in our efforts.

From community gardens to food pantries, if people want to voluntarily make the effort and take the time, the government at most should be able to give out some basic help without strings. Without trying to take over our ideas and force us to do things the way they tell us too, and dampen our enthusiasm and in effect disinvest us. The same holds true with Parties.

Don’t mean to sound negative, this Brown thing was just plain wonderful. The above Rove and Rasmussen give us a roadmap to succeed. I just don’t want to see
Big Party jump in and to protect us from ourselves by putting up too many stop and caution signs and instead use a little common sense by letting us use ours.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS Just added this. Are these people Republicans??? Get back Rachel. (Alfonzo Rachel PJTV)

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