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Friday, January 15, 2010

Local Recap and a Boston Tea Party???

I’ve had a busy spell working and thinking politics. Sorry I’ve put off blogging.

Update in Muskegon. We continue to have The weekly Carmen Group breakfasts and good political talk is always there amongst the food and other gossip. We do miss Bob Scolnik who is laid up. Jon Koens a regular is on vacation probably not missing us and our weather too much. On a positive note Susie Hughes seems to be getting around pretty good after her hip surgery, she has made it to the last Carmen’s and also to our regular County GOP Caucus lunch.

Our Caucus was thinly attended as people are just starting to get over the Holidays, but it was apparent from those who made it that the energy level is kicking up a notch. Bill Cooper candidate for the 2nd Congressional Primary was there and flushed out the details on the food truck event. The location will be the parking lot of the old K-Mart on Henry across from Meijers. The time is 10am Sat. Jan 23rd.

We need 30 volunteers min. to pull this off. I’m coming and have gotten 4 others so far. Susie has put out an email and is gathering names. We already have 20 some on our list. Susie said that she will probably get more at our Monthly business meeting on Jan. 18th at the AMG building. Please see calendar link below.


The big news is what is going on in Ma. The special election to fill the vacant US Senate seat that Ted Kennedy previously had. A Republican Scott Brown starting out with the expected 31% deficit in the polls has moved up to Coakley his Democrat opponent.

Why the big surge for Brown? First off it wasn’t the NRC putting a ton of money into that race. Whereas the DNC has. All the surge can be explained in two ways.

1. The help that Brown has received from the “Tea Party Movement” which has swayed the vast majority of independent voters.
2. The candidates themselves. From the poll below it seems that Brown has beat his opponent in the debates pretty handily.
Below is a link to the latest poll.


At the last Carmen Group, a past Chair of our County Party was saying that Mass. would not elect a Republican it would just be impossible. I think he echoed the National Party who seemed to think investing in that race would be a waste of time and money. Well seems like the people who might be voting for the Republican “Tea Bagger” in Mass. seem to think the same thing!!! Read the quote from the article linked above.

{And here's one more surprise. While Brown is beating Coakley head-to-head, 64% of voters we surveyed say Coakley will win the election.

"People don't believe that the rest of the state of Massachusetts will vote for Scott Brown, despite the fact that they personally will vote for Scott Brown," Paleologos said. }

A couple of other things to note. Scott Brown did a “Money Bomb”, a one day event to raise money and came up with $1.3 million. There is a lot of money in the Tea market. Eat them grounds Mr. Steele.

Brown is a good candidate. When interview about his chance of winning the Kennedy seat, he immediately said, let me make one thing clear; it is not the Kennedy seat, it is the People’s seat.

That is the stuff people want to see a candidate say.

Hoffman proved that the Republican Party is losing its credibility when, as a 3rd party candidate, who is not much of a candidate, can embarrass the Party and nearly pull off a win.

Scott Brown might show us that a good candidate can pull off one of biggest upsets in History. Both races show us that the “Tea Party” has some teeth and should be made friends with.

Coakley just said in an interview that Catholics probably shouldn’t work in Emergency rooms. Oops


O, Speaking of Obama. I guess he thinks, twice bitten thrice shy or something like that. He isn’t going to campaign for Coakley in Kennedy’s (oops I mean the People’s) state of Mass. She is probably thanking her lucky stars for that. LLLL Obama LLLL or you know for short LOL


One last thing, the Republican party is proving that it is not up to the People. They will not believe that they cannot control their voters or that any other ideas other than those coming out of the top heavy NRC leadership have any value. What can I say? They will either catch up with some new leadership or get swallowed up.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


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