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Monday, January 18, 2010

Turning the Worm

Turning the Worm.

Back in my Precinct 6, Ward 2 City of Muskegon, I keep plugging along.

I’m a Precinct Delegate, this is what I’m supposed to do.

Sat. started out brisk and turned into a busy and rewarding day.

I started the day by warming up the house and myself by the wood stove then getting over to The First Congregational Church on Third St. to help them put on their weekly “Gourmet Breakfast” for anyone who wants to start the day with a good breakfast and community. This is starting to become a habit for me. I volunteer for the Pots and Pans and they always let me do it. Lol.

I’m getting to know the regular workers who keep this great service to the community alive and kicking. State Rep Goeff Hansen also showed up to help out on the floor making sure everyone had fresh refills of coffee and water etc. He too is becoming a regular. The Breakfast turnout this week seemed a little low. I would guess a couple hundred tops.

Each week we get volunteers from different places. This Sat. we had some exchange students from Brazill. Below is their pic. Doing the dishes.

Last week the threat of a state inspector prompted an overall cleaning of the kitchen area. Everything was torn apart and cleaned and disinfected. As luck would have it that was a day I was there. My job as pots and pan washer was long and hard that day. The regulars said they were surprised to see me come back.!!

Final clean up ended around 11:00 which gave me time to go home and freshen up, and stoke the fire. I then headed off to Hackley Park for my first Right to Life March. Again (State Rep 100th seat R Hart )Goeff Hansen was there with his wife Tammy, along with Ken Punter who’s running for the 91st State House Seat and Jerry VanWoerkhom our current State Senator. I was also glad to see State Senator Wayne Kuipers there also.

But the best thing was the turnout. I would estimate it to be between 130-150. We all gathered at Hackley Park and the leaders of the Movement gave a brief introduction, Jerry VanWoerkhom was warmly singled out as a big supporter of their efforts.

Then we all single file marched a few blocks some carrying signs and all keep warm not just from the exercise. Cars would honk their horns in support buoying our spirits. We ended up at St. Mary’s Church and walked down to the basement where we warmed up physically with coffee, hot chocolate and cookies. I saw some people I knew and kept busy, and learned all about Muskegon Pregnancy Services. There were signup and information tables for MPS, and other groups from which I started learning.

We all headed upstairs and I must admit to being impressed with the church itself. Catholic architecture is nothing if not inspiring.

Pat Vendal the President of Muskegon County Right to Life, started things off after a welcome by Vern Mogck and Fr. Matt Barnum had said a prayer. I had met and worked a little with Pat during the 08 election. She and I connected at the Right to Life dinner and also she and Karen Buie were the movers in getting Alvida King to talk in Muskegon. That was when I was first introduced to the “Culture of Life” concept. I helped Pat distribute signs through the GOP Headquarters.

The guest speaker Robin TerLaan from Muskegon Pregnancy Services gave an inspiring witness to her struggle with abortion and the effect they had upon her life and family. She also gave hope as she recounted how she overcame the devastating “side effects” of abortion and now leads a fulfilling life she could not have imagined a few years ago. I was moved.

Everyone then filed forward to light a candle in rememberance.

I decided to volunteer for this effort. At least help them as I can. This memorial and Pat’s speech galvanized a concept I have been building and trying to get focused on for a long time. I want to help set up a venue for a coalition of the various “center right” or “conservative” groups that are out there.

When Pat was speaking to great effect about what was close to her heart and saying we need to pressure our Representatives to fight health care and all the rest. Wow here was someone I knew little about who was singing my song.

We need in Muskegon a group meeting regularly of the leaders of the various and scattered groups. A place to share the beliefs that can unite us, a place to share ideas on helping each other spread the word.

The anger is out there, the frustration with government is there as we feel helpless as our freedoms are slowly taken away. If such diverse groups as the Tea Party, Right to Life, Fair Tax, 2nd amendment people, Small Business folks and all the others could get together and not debate each other but simply ask what can we all do together and individually to help each other’s cause.

There is a wealth of creative ideas out there. We just need a place in which to share them. I feel we can make larger strides by helping others and their causes. We can gain perspective and power through the sharing. We can make ourselves individually stronger through giving to others.

Two heads are better than one.

We can find ways to take back our Freedom.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

No I didn't forget about Brown and Mass. Although the younger Kennedy seems to have forgotten Coakley's first name. He repeatedly called her Marcia instead of Martha.
Well he is probably ahead of the curve on this one. If Coakley loses all Dems will be trying to forget her. Oh and speak about new and inspiring campaigning. The new call to the faithfull is that it's George Bush's fault. Wow - now that is change- LObamaL.

But then Remember when Teddy called Obama Osama?

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