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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Praise From Newt, Lunch with Pete Hoekstra

Hoekstra is getting around the state and not forgetting about West Michigan.

I was lucky to get the heads up about a impromptu luncheon with Pete Hoekstra attending, and free to the public. It was up in Manistee. Well I went with a friend and fellow blogger up to Manistee to have lunch and talk with Pete.

Before I go into all of that, I just got this Youtube of Newt Gingrich praising Pete Hoekstra and his team for putting together a really good campaign in Mi.

Well now on with the impromptu luncheon. We arrived early which allowed us to pick a good seat. The luncheon was in the main room and some tables were pulled together froming a long row. We sat in the middle. Getting there early allowed us to meet the people as they trickled in.

I was frankly surprised by the amount of Tea Party people who were there. Party faithful and Tea Party members seemed nearly even. Another thing I noticed was that there was cooperation among them with a relative small amount of friction. That was good to see. Whether this was contrived or not, the result was a hopeful forshadowing of things that may come.

Ray Franz (candidate for the 101st district) was there with his campaign manager Jennifer Smeltzer who gave me the invite in the first place. Pete came on time or a little early and soon the tables were filled and others were pulled together to make room. A reporter from the Ludington News I believe and my blogger friend and my self were the only media present.

I admit that I, over the last year have become an admirer of Pete Hoekstra. When most people including most Republican were running away from the Town Halls, Pete had a bunch of them. I went to two and one of them in Holland had 1,000 people. Pete really knows how control a crowd, big and small; he is the same.

Pete walked around while we were sitting and talked to groups of 3-5. He was the same as when I saw him at the Town Halls. The man knows his stuff on most subjects, and he is firm in his core beliefs and will actually answer questions to the best of his ability. He does not waffle around in platitudes when asked specific questions.

My friend the MuskegonPundit asked a straight question and Pete answered directly and when the MP got off point somewhat, Pete immediately got him back on point. Pete is a joy to watch compared to so many other politicians I’ve run across.

From the very beginning Pete was a grass roots type of guy. Remember the bike tour? He has always not only emphasized that in his campaign but by keeping in contact with all the counties in his district. He actually thrives on the personal contact. The people in his district know him, and most have seen him.

Another thing with Pete is that he will admit if he doesn’t know the subject as he did when asked about the Proposed Wind Farm off of Ludington. He talked of what he had learned of a previous study but, he said he wouldn’t be qualified to make a decision until he was able to look at all the facts. This is a hot button issue up here and to see the way he handled it goes straight to his integrity. He didn’t fake it, nor brush it off. When he said he’d look into it people believed him.

This was like the town halls except Pete got to walk amongst the people and talk with them separately and in small groups.

One of the ironies was that the Tea Party folks almost seemed like they were the political ones and not Pete. I say this as a Republican and a Tea Party Member. I say this without and hidden meaning. I say this to show that the lines can blur which I see as a good thing.

Well to make a long story short I had such a good time talking with the Tea Party folks and what all was going on I had to take my lunch home in a bag for dinner. Lol.

I can’t help but agree with Newt that Pete is putting together a great combination of National media recognition and beating the bushes with some down to earth face to face politicking and connecting.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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