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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

While we Wait.

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Well this is the day. But it’s early and the results aren’t coming in yet. So while we wait I give you this post.

Here is some background on the infrastructure that has helped make all this possible. This is free association at it’s America’s best. At Franklins best. As Tocqueville said ....."In every case, at the head of any new undertaking, where in France you would find the government or in England some territorial magnate, in the United States you are sure to find an association."

Well the New media has given a voice back to people and there associations vs the ever present and dominant bureaucracy.

Here is a link to PJTV’s Bill Whittle’s Afterburner piece about what I just said. The big news is that Breitbart has set up another “Big” website to fight BIG liberal sites and institutions.


Whittle’s segment is eyeopening; and the need for Breitbart’s new Big – BigJournalism I hope will be as effective as his Big Hollywood and Big Government. Remember it was Big Government that brought us that undercover journalism that uncovered ACORN for what it was.

PJTV also has a great piece from their kick ass reporter AlfonZo Rachel. In the below Zoe Nation segment, Zoe in his inimitable style reports live from Boston and he really gives us a sense of what is going on there.


Enough for now, Will update as the day goes on.

UPDATE >>>>>>>

UPDATE >>>>>>> 1pm my time

EXIT Polls. First ones I've seen. Keep in mind Kerry did well on the exit polls and lost. But looking good so far.

UPDATE >>>>>>>

People lining up in the snow at most polling places. Big turnout, yet Brown against conventional wisdom is showing exit polls in his favor.

Just in case you wanted to see a happy Liberal face, as if you weren't scared enough already. If you can't win, change the rules.

UPDATE >>>>> Just a funny bit of advice for those parents still practicing with the Gratefull Dead in their garage.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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