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Friday, December 2, 2016

Unending Yuge News -- From Recounts, Cabinet picks etc.

Unending Yuge News
From Recounts, Cabinet picks etc.

I’m finding it hard to keep up with the breaking news all over the place.  

Still 48 days till noon Jan. 20th 2017 when Trump takes office.  That is a lot of time and I’m having a heck of a time keeping up with all the news.  

You’d think Donald Trump was already in office.

1. Recount news.

Let’s take the newest news lol on the recount in Mi.  I’ve been keeping in touch with our County Clerk and the recount which they had planned on starting today was delayed by lawyers for Trump who filed an objection to it. .  

I’ve already reported how costly and labor intensive this recount will be for all 83 counties in Mi. and the Secretary of State who will have to send reps to all counties to oversee the recount.  I’ve seen price tags from $4-12 million dollars.  

Trump filed the objection to the State Board of Canvassers which will be ruling today any time probably as I type whether to go on or not.  Will update blog as it happens.  The board has 2 Dems and 2 Reps so if a tie the recount goes forward. 

--- update ----  go to the link below and you will see the Canvass Board as predicted deadlocked so the earliest recount start is Wed.  Also Schuette's Supreme Court Motion is pending.
--- end of update ---

Trump filed on the grounds that Jill Stein is not an aggrieved person.  She could not win by almost any stretch of the imagination.  She would have to find over 2 million bad votes for Trump and Hillary that were actually cast for her.  Give me a break.

Also in the objection there was mention that Stein’s filing for a recount wasn’t filled out properly.  Either way, the Canvass Board is meeting at 9:30 today (Friday) and even if it acts today the recount can’t start for two more business days which at the earliest would be Wed. Dec 7 which some County Clerks might be tempted to say that’s “a date that will live in infamy” as they must still meet the Deadline of Dec 13th to recount all the votes.

Well if that wasn’t enough, today from AP news is out that Bill Schuette the Michigan Attorney General has filed with the State Supreme Court to stop the recount in Mi. Below is a snapshot of AP raw or breaking news off the wire about this.  Note a federal law suit has also been filed.  I don’t think this recount will happen.  I hope it doesn’t.


How about that Trump and the Carrier Deal?

Remember when Obama said “You didn’t build that” and how out of touch we thought he was with the real America?  Well he managed to show his “out of touchness” again during the primaries.  This time regarding the Carrier deal Trump had promised to figure out.  Obama's chickens seem to be coming home to roost.

Here is a You Tube of Obama stutteringly explaining how Trump doesn’t have a magic wand and isn’t a magician.  Well to paraphrase Churchill’s famous “some chicken, some neck” quote.  “Some wand, some magician”. Below is the You Tube of Obama.

America voted for someone to get the job done.  Trump isn’t in office yet and got that deal done, while President Obama dithered about re-training the workers sometime in the far future for new job markets.  

That older steelworker who asked the question probably was thinking of being trained as a hamburger flipper at minimum wage and would have turned Churchill’s quote around thinking, “some job, some wage Mr. Obama.”.

Trump’s Cabinet picks.

If you look on the side bar of my blog at the top you will see the picks President Donald Trump has made so far and the ones he still needs to fill.  I’ll try to keep up with them as they come out.

About the latest pick Trump. Secretary of Defense.  

He may have some trouble but far be it for me to say he can’t do it however much the media will never tire of saying just that. Lol.

  I’m talking about Trump’s pick of Ret. Marine Corps Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis as secretary of defense.  Because he was relieved from active duty in 2013 he would need a Senate waiver for sec 903 of H.R.4986 — 110th Congress (2007-2008) which reads. “(Sec. 903) Reduces from ten to seven years the period that a regular commissioned officer must wait after being relieved from active duty in order to become eligible for appointment as the Secretary or Deputy Secretary of Defense, or the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.

That might be a problem.  Gen. Mattis has been out of service for only 4 years max and the statute above calls for 7 years.  A waiver would then be needed and would need 60 votes for the Senate to wave the statute, and then the simple majority would be needed for confirmation.  

I don’t think Republicans can get enough Dems to vote for the waiver and if so what would be the cost in political capital for Trump to do it?   But like I said who am I to say what Trump can’t do.


Trump’s Ohio Carrier/Thank You Tour Speech   .  This is a long video of the whole rally and Trump doesn’t get on until much later.

  I like the part that started at the 52:38 mark where he was talking about how for too long we have been divided, put in boxes of race age income where we live etc.  He said we need to come together and the One thing to unite us is America, America America.  Three times he said America.  

I would put what he went on to say in my words that to make America united again we have to start from the bottom and work up.  Trump said people start from the family, city then state.  He like most Americans despise the Global aspirations of the Dems.

  Any way this is a fun victory rally.


So let it be written, so let it be done.

That was reminiscent to me of Obama saying in this you tube below “I’ve got a pen……..and a phone” with of course the ever present I as In I will write it, so let what I want to be done.

That reminds me of a quote from Rufus Choate of the Whig Party talking about the United States and what we had created when he referred to how easily it can be destroyed.  “…the anger of a fool or the laughter of a fool …. May bring down in an hour …. A fragile yet beautiful creation, which a breath can unmake as a breath has made it.”  

Donald Trump soon to be President Trump may take the words of Obama to heart to rewrite what Obama has written and to resurrect James Choate breathe some life back into our fragile yet beautiful creation.  So let it be done.  I'll let you figure out who the "laughing fool" is.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously Tell the Truth

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