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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Is the Media Tide Turning?

Is the Media Tide Turning?

The media I think is finally getting tired of distorting facts and telling if not lies, then obvious reincarnations of the truth as they see it.  Well one truth they see and have to pay attention to is the public buying of their product and the merchandise it sells.  

The media has been losing readership and advertising money badly for quite a while now.   Perhaps they see the writing on the wall.  Perhaps they are tired of swimming against the tide.  Perhaps they realize that swimming against the tide while sounding heroic among their peers is not in itself a good thing.

I had talked about the Boeing deal and Trump’s tweet yesterday and low and behold Jake Novak wrote an article for of all people CNBC titled “Trump’s Air Force One tweet was a brilliant move.”

Just the title alone was a shocker, there was no question mark after the title.  When I read it I was amazed to see the good things the article said about Trump and his negotiating skills and use of Twitter.  However as I read near the end they put in the obligatory part about how he is an ego driven person and what he does is all about building his brand. 

They still don’t get it about Trump’s main goal is doing what is good for America.  That to him is a goal onto itself.  They are so used to politicians being mired in the swamp of corruption and self-interest that they have fallen into and sometimes married into that swamp themselves.  Perhaps they are just being ignorant of what their main goal should be -- telling the truth, and that there are still People hat sometimes do things because it is right to do.  Anyway here is the link, decide for yourself if I’m judging this right

Here is another piece about someone else from the media that may be “turning”.  Barry Diller says of Trump Presidency that it is a “Grand Experiment”. 

He sure is making nice, but I remember in October he said "The idea that clown, bad clown, could actually be president of the United States, it just insults all of us,”.  He was talking of Donald Trump.  He was a backer of Hillary Clinton.  Funny how people change over a couple of months.  I would suppose that Trump could easily say “Who Cares”.

I’m going to start keeping track of Jake Novak of CNBC he at least seems willing to look at facts.  He thought Trump would win the primary battle then lose to Hillary in the general election.  Mr Novak then just before the election changed his mind by looking at the facts and said Trump’s chances of winning looked pretty decent.  The article about it however wouldn’t admit anything other than it was because Trump was better at packaging his brand than Hillary.  But then again how many liberals even after the election admitted “I was wrong”?  I guess Mr. Novak doesn’t need a crying towel or crayons.

Below is another article by Novak titled “Obamacare can’t cure ‘stupidity’ in the World.” 

It is in this article written in September 2 months before the election that I find common sense and fairness.  He blames everyone for the Obamacare mess.   Liberals as well as “…stupid "experts," and even regular – but stupid - Americans.”  

Wow a CNBC journalist calling the American public stupid.  I give him credit.  He may be overstating it but this is an article that takes up the politically untouchable, the responsibility of those in a Representative Democracy.  He says it might actually be the public’s fault because they picked by voting or by default through not voting, people that created the mess we are in and I’m not just talking Obamacare.  I’m also calling it lazy or the Biblical term slothful.  Or in the more American form.  Which even "stupid" Americans can understand “Stupid is as Stupid Does.”

The article goes on to the Stupid Politicians such as Republicans John Katko, Bob Dold, and Bruce Poliquin who backed down on the House vote to scrap Obamacare.  Their excuse was that there wasn’t a viable alternative.  Novak’s article calls that stupid again I call that slothful.  It was their job to find an alternative.
On behalf of the Trump team, here is a good article showing that they aren’t slothful.

Again written by Jake Novak for CNBC.  It is titled “Trump's 'secret weapon' in the Obamacare wars”

This was written a couple months later and shows how he is expanding on one of the keys to Conservative politics, the responsibility of the voters in our form of government. 

This is a quote to that affect from the article.  “Telling the public they should take more responsibility for their own health won't win a guy a lot of votes. But Price's push to provide people with more tax credits and increase health care savings account maximums is exactly the kind of thing that properly rewards people for acting more responsibly.”  Dr. Tom Price is Trump's pick to head the Department that will figure out what to do about Obamacare.
I would add, while telling them to take responsibility for their own affairs won’t win many votes, telling them and believing they are smart enough and trusted enough to do that might win them all over.  It is and always has been about trust working both ways, feeding off each other back and forth each gaining in the exchange like the great steam engines of old slowly at first then gathering momentum the Trump Train is getting ready to leave the station.

I watched a History Channel documentary on Theodore Roosevelt and in it they talked about how and why the men under his command on the charge up San Juan Hill and his political life in general trusted and followed him.  It was a simple trust thing.  Instead of saying “Charge” he said “Follow Me” and they did and they won.  He trusted them and they trusted him.

Like I never get tired of saying, people follow those they trust, and the leaders earn their trust by trusting them back. 

This article brought to my attention the possibilities of someone already on the Trump transition team.  James Higbee an anti-trust lawyer from the Bush team.  Novak was fair to point out that the Bush team was lenient of large mergers.  But he pointed out the side of Higbee he hoped would prevail and that was he would fight against the real culprit of the continuing increase of health care costs which was the main prompter of Obamacare – the hospitals.  They were becoming a monopoly and Obamacare just sped up the process.  

Higbee will be working with and under Jeff Sessions Trump's pick for Attorney General at the Justice Department.

Novak rightly pointed out that President Obama’s refusal to open that can of worms was The Affordable Care Acts undoing.  Will Trump along with his crew at Justice become a Teddy Roosevelt type of “Trust Buster”?

I’m hoping for the best and will try to not be slothful in my responsibility to support the one that if fighting for me.  President Elect Donald Trump.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

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