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Friday, December 9, 2016

The American People's Party

The Party of Trump
Without the Party?
Or just
The American People's Republican Party?

Boy would all those Trump detractors from both sides of the fence love to hear Trump is starting his own party.  I hate to give them ammunition but here goes.

First off he is not going to start his own party.  Here is what he needs to do and is doing.  Get the American people excited and enthused about what he is doing.  In that way he can accomplish what he wants in spite of the Party.  Either one!

Donald Trump was not a politician everybody knew that and most people liked that.  He was a doer and the people liked that.  

The simple fact that he got things done was startlingly clear to the ordinary person if not the media hacks and ideologues.  Ordinary Americans were sick of promises made to fix problems that they had to pay for and then watch those promises turn into vast bureaucracies that again they had to pay for.  They would watch in helplessness as the problems remained un-solved.  Also they had gotten a whiff of a lot of candidates for lesser office who claimed they weren’t politicians on the right only to see them make bigger messes through lack of experience.  They were not doers.

They wanted somebody who would and could do something about it.  They wanted a doer not a talker.  Plus they wanted someone who cared not about one group or the other but about America.

Donald Trump has shaken up the system and invigorated the public as few Candidates have been able to do since Teddy Roosevelt.  Whether a Presidential Donald Trump can keep that excitement up as Teddy was able to do we will have to wait and see. 

However from what he has done I think it is safe to say he is succeeding.  All kinds of antidotal evidence is out there from the stock market surge to companies already coming back under the promise of what he will do.  His cabinet picks so far are portending change on a scale not seen in a long time.

Also the evidence is clear from the link below from an article in Time that everyday working people are motivated by Trump.  The article interviews ordinary Democrats who voted for Trump.  These are people that all the Demographic and hyphenated-search parabolas missed by the polling experts and talking heads during the run up to the election.
The title says it all.  “Voices from Democratic Counties Where Trump Won Big”.  

This was an interesting article as it interviews people that changed their voting patterns.  Why?  Because they felt let down and wanted change.  Hillary offered more of the same while Trump offered change and when challenged he doubled down on it.  He was not afraid and not afraid to show it.  The people saw he was a fighter.  He has not changed.

Another interesting issue was the divide geographically from urban and rural.  Between as I would call them the “know it alls” and the “do it alls”.  Again talkers vs doers.  The takers and the makers.

One man interviewed said this about the state capital and it's politicians and the disconnect found there.  “They always refer to Madison as 56 square miles of fantasy surrounded by reality.”  In my home state of Michigan we could say the same about Lansing as being removed from reality and disconnected from it.  

Think about it.  I equate the same fantasy/reality paradigm to the urban/rural idea.  Muskegon, the city of and the city of Muskegon Heights are in the 92nd State House district.  The surrounding rural areas and suburbs are in the 91st District.  One is Republican one is Democrat.
That is just the way it is.  Much as I have written about the ease of campaigning in a city due to the closeness of the population, so too it is easier to set up organizations to care for the poor and homeless.  Face it the needy get better service in the city than out in the rural areas.  They tend to congregate there. There are also more places for the homeless to survive.  Although not unknown in rural areas “squatting” does exist as evidenced by an article in the Oceana County Press.

People of like minds also tend to congregate together.  That too is obvious and the geographic divide between urban/democrat and rural/republican is becoming greater. 

I worry not so much however about the Republicans getting into the urban and vice versa as these things tend to find a plateau and start to swing the other way over time.  The article above seems to point to that in some ways.

So Trump will not form his own party as Teddy did with the Bull Moose Party, but rather reform the Republican Party more into the American Republican Party representing the hopes, ideals of average Americans.  Hopefully too away from the hopes and dreams of the 9,000 appointees and the tens of thousands of bureaucrats.  That is the hope for both America and the two party system it has.  When either party stops facilitating and promoting the American Dream to the American people they will leave those parties.

So far "The Donald" is not disappointing.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

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