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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Who Cares? Who Cares? This is big League Stuff

The above quote of Donald Trump comes from a “60 Minutes” interview by Leslie Stahl just after he became President Elect.  He was talking about whether his “Brand” as Leslie put it was hurt.  “Who Cares? Who Cares? This is big league stuff.” he said.  This was from an article by Emily Stewart in “The Street”.

It is nice to see a President Elect so focused and intense about the job he promised to do for the American people and that is to “Make America Great Again”.  When Leslie tried to distract him he asked her Who Cares?  Making America Great Again is what he cares about and all the rest is just clutter in the way of that goal.  And quite frankly Leslie “Who Cares”?  Not really a quality question was it Leslie? 



What Executive Orders Trump will make “on day One” once he is President. 

For a You Tube of this and others of interest please see right side bar.

o    TRADE - Withdraw from TPP and negotiate bilateral trade deals in America's favor
o    ENERGY - Cancel job-killing restrictions on American energy industry (including shale energy and clean coal)
o    REGULATION - For each new regulation, 2 old rules must be eliminated
o    NATIONAL SECURITY - Develop a plan to protect America's vital infrastructure from cyber-attacks and all other forms of attack
o    IMMIGRATION - Direct Department of Labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs
o    ETHICS REFORM - Drain the swamp by imposing a 5-year ban on executive officials becoming lobbyist after they leave the administration (and a lifetime ban on lobbying for foreign governments)

Wow Trump sounds like he plans to hit the ground running to as he says “Making America Great Again for Everyone and I mean Everyone.”

Regards, Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth.

PS>  For you Football Fans.

Barry Sanders Highlight reel.  Fun stuff.  Scarffed it off Facebook from Dennis Pitman.

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