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Friday, December 16, 2016

Militant Liberalism

Getting Radicalized to Militant Liberalism in America.

Picture a nice kid about 20, a British kid that leaves England to travel around America for a year. 

 He severs contact with his mom and goes to a Trump rally and tries to grab a gun from a cop to shoot Donald Trump. He is arrested and goes to trial and he gets 1 year and a day and is eligible for parole in 4 months. The kid said “I just feel terrible about it.” The judge obviously did too and sentenced him to the lenient sentence because he thinks there is something wrong with him.

Yeah like he tried to kill a Presidential Candidate.

Yeah like he planned it well ahead and made plans for if he failed to try it again later.

This quote below is previous to the “I just feel terrible about it.” Quote above.

"Sandford (the kid) further stated that if he were on the street tomorrow, he would try this again. Sandford claimed he had been planning to attempt to kill Trump for about a year, but decided to act on this occasion because he finally felt confident about trying it," the complaint states.

He also said he had booked tickets for the Trump rally later Saturday in Phoenix in case he didn't make the attempt in Las Vegas.

Guess he changed his mind. Sounds rational to me. By the way he is an illegal alien. His work visa expired.

From another source, the loving mother said “The mother told the Las Vegas Review-Journal they were under an exclusive contract with another media outlet and could not do other interviews Tuesday.”  She would in other words be proud to defend her son if the money was right.

She had previously filed a missing persons on her son in Britain.

What more is there to say about a mother’s all-consuming love for her child?

Again just imagine if this attempt would have happened to Obama during his primary battle with Hillary? Somehow I don’t think the judge would have been quite so sympathetic.

Ya Think?

So the big question. How did this nice kid become radicalized to militant liberalism in less than a years’ time while visiting America? Simple -- he watched TV and saw that it was alright to hate Donald Trump because he was a right wing wacko, a bigot, a racist, a homo-phobe, a misogynist and a woman hater. Plus a lot of other things. It would be obvious to any observer from another country that Trump needed killing. Between CNN MsNBC or NPR what other result was possible?

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

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