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Monday, December 5, 2016

I Think I'm So Smart -- Ha Ha Ha.

I Think I’m So Smart – Ha Ha Ha.

If you were to ask me anytime up until today if I was up on the news and the really important stuff I would have proudly claimed that I was.

I was reminded of just how wrong today when I was writing a blog and came across Patrick Caddell in a little blog I found while looking for a picture to put at the head of my last blog.

I realized Patrick Caddell a Democrat pollster and FOX Contributer has said some pretty insightful stuff over a period of time.
He is a long time Democrat and Democrat pollster who plays the token Democrat on Fox News.  That is probably why I never paid him any mind.  I should have.

He wrote an article Nov. 7th, one day before the election and nailed what was about to happen in the 2016 election.  One quote I pulled and posted in a previous blog summed it up.  Here it is.
“It’s a peaceful uprising of a people who see a country in decline and see nothing but failure in the performance of their leadership institutions. They have signaled their intent to take back their country and to reclaim their sovereignty.”

Mr. Caddell is a Democrat of long standing and from the stuff I’ve researched he seemed to be a fan of Bernie Sanders (until he sold out to Hillary): but above all he is willing to tell it like it is when it counts. I would count him a real journalist. He as I sign my blogs is willing to live by “Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth”.

His credentials as a Democrat and as a pollster are clear. He knows his stuff. He started with the Carter campaign and saw Carter’s demise coming then and told the truth about Reagan. No one listened then as I for one didn’t listen now. In fairness to me I never heard the quote from him above or the rest of the stuff in this post from him till today. I cut off Direct TV to save money and don’t get the real Fox News. I just saw him a couple of time and he must have said some of his Democrat stuff and I dismissed him. In that I was practicing what I blog against. Shame on me.

Mr. Caddell is quite blunt in his criticisms of both sides. His claim to glory are his polling skills so it is understandable that he said this about the dishonesty of the press: “Never in my life have I seen a news organization, and a supposedly reputable poll, do something so dishonest,”.

From the same article in Breitbart News Aug. 1 2016, three months before the election he went on to say: “In the 45 years since I was a child, in top-level presidential campaigns, I have never seen the media on such a jihad, and so involved in hiding facts, and not following up. This is a crisis of democracy, what the press is now doing.” As the Breitbart author John Hayward points out about the bluntness of Caddell: “Caddell actually deployed some harsher language than Trump has to date, which is not an easy bar to clear.”

I dare you to read the Breitbart piece linked above and not find admiration for Mr. Caddell as a journalist, for his bluntness and honesty. The article is full of him calling out everyone he finds dishonest from Democrats to Republicans. Try this one. “My party (the Democrat Party) never learns that you cannot just hoodwink the people,” This remember is 3 months before the election.

I did a tag line on Pat Caddell over in enemy territory at Media Matters to see what they thought of the guy. . Holy Cow if Media Matters dislikes him so much I almost have to like him. Isn’t it ironic that all the things they criticized him for are the things that won Trump the election?

Then I found this from almost a year ago in the Daily Caller. .

This article tries to make it clear that Caddell is a disillusioned Democrat, but rather Cadell says he believes in America and freedom and sees his Party leaving him. I can well understand why he thought Bernie Sanders might be his candidate and also why he feels sold out by Sanders when he caved ineo the corruption of Hillary and didn’t fight her at the Convention.

This guy is a piece of work. He has made me question my ideas much as Trump has, for both I am grateful.

Finally at an “Accuracy in Media” event 9/21/2012 (over 3 years ago) he talks of the danger of freedom, when the media since 1980 has overtly become one sided. He talks of nepotism or the marrying of media people to administration people both in an actual religious sense and in the hiring of journalists into the administration wing of the government.

He went on to speak of the media as the arena that has no checks and balances the Constitution built into the government and how lately the media has started to fall apart as the medium for “…telling—somehow allowing—people to have the truth. That is being abrogated as we speak, and has been for some time.”

In other words he strives to be a truth teller and is sickened by what he sees journalism turning into.

In that article Patrick said the Founders trusted the media “…because they were SOBs to everybody. Which is exactly what they should be.” He does his best to live up to that moniker in all that he writes. If I could be so honest.

In summary, I failed to pick up on what this man was saying for I had more important things to do. Again shame on me for that.

The thing I like about Patrick Caddell and what ties him to Donald Trump in my mind is his ability to see through the crap and get to the basics, then tell it like it is.

Trump I believe would understand Patrick Caddell saying, if when he was hounded by other journalists about whether he was a republican or democrat or some other nonsense he would turn to them and say “Who Cares? I’m after the Truth”

Trump would indeed have empathy for that frame of mind and if Patrick later calls out Trump I’m thinking in his heart Trump would understand at least this guy is talking language.

For in both their cases, party affiliation and or ideological bent mean nothing if it does not further their main job - Individual Freedom and what makes America Great.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the


Breaking Recount News. ------ 

Federal Court in Detroit demands recount in Mi. start Today (Monday).  

----- MY TAKE  will up date later.  -------  That is a Federal Court and Schuette's is a State Court Case.  What will happen.  I'll try to find out from Becky as for whether Oceana's recount will start tomorrow.
-----Update 11am Monday-----  Talked with Oceana County Clerk Rebecca Griffin and she was knowledgable about current news but hadn't received anything from the Secretary of State about when to start Oceana's recount.  She did tell me that the recount was going to be at the Court House in the Commissioner's board room.  She told me that there would be only a couple of spaces available for people not directly invloved in the counting.  I asked her about the press and she said that she would set aside room for them.  Becky also said that the Federal Courts ruling was to give the necessary time for the larger counties to be able to finish on time.  (Dec.13th)  I'm going to write a blog about this later and what I think about the Mi. GOP efforts at recruiting recount overseers.  First off there won't be room for the 10 people that Rudy Ochs has been recruiting.  Becky had already heard about that and she said the room available wouldn't hold that many but a couple could come in on an alternating basis.

----Update 5:30 Monday----
Just got a call from our Oceana County Clerk and the recount for Oceana will begin this Friday morning at 9am in Mason County at the Ludington City Hall.  A cooperative effort I assume to save money and make it more open to the public.  That last sentence was mine.

Here’s a teaser.  From Grabien News -  Pelosi “…I don’t think people want a new direction.”  

News flash for Nancy, We voted, we got one.

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