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Saturday, December 10, 2016

What it takes to Drain the Swamp

The Trump Transition Team.
What’s the Yuge Deal?
Time to Drain the Swamp

What is the big deal about the “Transition Team”?  Why is there so much news about it.  Well I started digging and doing some research: but first off those he selects are the ones who will work to put into practice what Trump has been promising.  He needs to put into place people of honor and integrity to accomplish that.  As you will see, Trump will be picking the heads of the departments and the heads will have to pick all those under them (usually).

There are a lot of them and for Trump’s plans to work they all have to be pushing hard.

There are overall 4100 political appointees from Secretary of State to Marine Mammal Commission members or Ambassador to Burkina Faso that needs to be filled by the “Trump Transition Team”.  Below are a couple of links to the positions.

There is a book called the “Plum Book” devoted to the people and jobs that are up for grabs each Presidential election since President Eisenhower.  Here is a link.

It is interesting to note that the article says currently in the 2016 edition there are roughly 9,000 jobs needing filling vs. 8,000 jobs in the 2012 edition and 7,000 in the 2008 copy.  From that two things become clear.  Under President the Executive Branch gained 1,000 political appointees per term.  President Elect Trump has claimed he will cut down that size of government.  So far he has talked about a “Hiring Freeze”.  He’s said government will reduce itself through attrition.  Here is the article about that.

By the way if you want to sign up for one of these jobs you can go to this link

But don’t hold your breath there are already 65,000 people that have applied.
Why the worry about picking the best and people of like mind?  Well if you go to the link below and watch the video you will start to get an idea of the scope and depth of the change President Elect wants to bring about in Washington and America.

It is his Iowa Thank You speech.  It gives a good insight into how he approaches problems, how smart a deal maker he is.  You can watch it all but Trump comes on stage at the 1:35 mark, his presentation is about an hour. 

He reiterated all the promises he’s made and goes into more depth about how he will accomplish those things.  I liked it when he said this.  The government must “stop listening to the special interests and start delivering for the national interest.”  In this speech he starts to let people know some of the specifics of his methods for accomplishing so much.

From saving the family farm and cutting way back on the reach of the EPA to getting rid of the Johnson amendment he was on point.  His big thing remains jobs and how to bring them back and also how to reinvigorate American Industry to create more high paying jobs. 

Again another nice slogan.  “Buy American and Hire American” which leads into his immigration plans.  Yes he is going to build a wall and he is still going to have “extreeeem” vetting.  If the country will not allow us access to what we need to vet people properly and in Trump speak I mean properly then we won’t let them in.

Above all what moved me was the idea of him working for all Americans not the other way around.
In closing I took the time to transcribe this.

“This is truly an exciting time to be alive. Though the script is not written, we do not know what the page will read tomorrow.  But for the first time what we do know is that the pages will be authored by each and every one of you.”  He further added.  “I’m asking you to believe in America”.  He is asking for you to trust him enough so he can earn it.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

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