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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How to Win the Peace

It's Official We Won the Election
Now to Win the Peace !!!

Louisiana's election is over. All elections this cycle are over.

Michigan's recount and Wisconsin's and Pennsylvania's are all over. Trump actually gained votes.  The Dems again prove that they are Kings/Queens in spending a lot of money on irrational things.   

Republicans won the 3 seats contested in the Runoff in Louisiana, the last election in this cycle to be completed. They kept their Senate seat giving them a 52 – 48 advantage in that crucial chamber. They also kept the two House seats keeping the advantage in the US House. All this in a year Hillary was supposed to win and bring the Senate back into Democrat control off of her coat-tails.

The three candidates campaigned as supporters of Donald Trump and both Trump and Pence came to Louisiana to campaign for them. About Hillary – some candidate, some coat-tails.


A break from Big Big Big.

I’ve always said I’m against Big Government, Big Business, and Big Labor. 
While Trump and his picks may scare me in that regard, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.
It's not what they did in life so much as their under pinning philosophy that truly matters to me.  Will these titans of industry use Big Government to shrink it?  Will they use it to free up small business from the regulations made in part by them, Big Business, to force small business out of business?

I truly hope they will consider making enterprise freer for small business.  I hope they try.

No other President Elect would have the guts to appoint the leader of "Big Oil" as Secretary of State.  The Progressives will be beside themselves.

I’m also against Globalization which seems to be where all three of the above get in bed with each other and unite under a global banner.

I’ve found I’m not alone in my abhorrence of Globalization – not here – not in the world.  For that I'm glad.

The people have spoken.

People are tired and frustrated with governments and power structures that don’t give a rat’s ass for the working man - for Individual Freedom.

Trump’s victory in America and Britain’s referendum to leave the EU (Brexit) has sent shock waves throughout the power triumvirates of the world. Several other EU countries are threatening to do the same.

The point I’d like to make is that the Brexit vote while being the voice of the people will not happen unless those same voices learn how to pressure the powers into bending to their will. We need to learn from our British Cousins on how to do that if they are successful and vice a versa. People are not used to having to do that and it will take work. But we can learn.  

We have been fighting this battle for a long time and the results are ready to be harvested - we just need to stay the course - stay involved.

It needs to be done, now not later.  For example it’s been 6 months since the British voted to leave the EU and they are still talking about it in Court.  They are still in it.

Isn’t it ironic that the representative of the people elected by them are the ones who will decide if the people made the right decision?

Why isn’t the British Supreme Court trying that idea? What government has the power to overturn the vote of the people? If they do the main assumption they will make is that they know better than the ordinary people.  I have a clue for them, the people know better they told us so in the election.

The same for those people that are trying to delay Trump from implementing his agenda. The real work for delay is to be done in the Senate. That is where the backers of the status quo can be avenged of this upstart change monger Donald Trump. 

In the US, the Senators will be the “know betters”. That is where the will of the people can be blunted by not allowing Trump to speedily select his cabinet and Executive appointees, to get his government up and running. If the Senate thinks they can slow down the change Trump has promised and the people have voted for well, can they? Will we let them? 

The Senate is where Supreme Court Nominees can be “Borked” to death by a bunch of self-righteous elitists. Will we let that shameful abuse of power repeat itself?

Again the irony is thick when I use the term "Borked".  It was Teddy Kennedy who "Borked" Robert Bork in the Senate nomination hearnings and later shamefully "Borked" Samuel Alito but at least Alito got the nomination.  Robert Bork didn't.  It is ironic as Alito was accused of false hoods of being a bigot by Kennedy when it was Kennedy who crashed his car and let a woman drown and he is calling into question the character of Robert Bork and Samuel Alito.  Mrs. Alito broke into tears at the savagery displayed by Ted Kennedy.  

Hypocrisy runs deep in the Democrat Party.

Fighting all this obstructionism needs to be done.  This needs our help from the Bottom Up. For example, we’ve tried in Mi. before to “Dump Debbie” but in two years (November 6, 2018) we can try again and if she is part of the effort to block a Supreme Court nominee – that may be just the tool we need to oust her from power. Let us make that date one for her that will live in infamy.

We need a candidate that is fresh, smart and an experienced fighter. One not adverse too mixing it up. One with the guts, and experience of a Trump. I don’t care what gender or race, but I want a candidate who is willing. Who is that? I don’t know do you?

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

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