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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Problem with "Virtual Reality". It's Not Real

The problem with “Virtual Reality”.

Its - Not - Real. 

The Democrats were in their “virtual political reality” during the last election. They believed all the polls and their own propaganda to the point of debilitation. Yes they hurt themselves by not seeing/facing the truth.

The policy wonks and political advisers were in their heyday figuring out who would lead what part of Hillary’s transition team. They were putting on their Ivy League thinking caps trying to decide what their priorities would be once she was sworn into office. They knew they were going to be elected, there was a “consensus of opinion” after all i.e. the polls specifically the clear politics average polls showed they were a shoe in to win.

The only work remaining was to try to figure out how to undo the damage the Republicans had done with redistricting when they won back the Senate and how to divide up the spoils.


Yup they were too busy counting their birds in the bushes forgetting to check whether their ammunition was safe and dry to be able to actually put those birds in hand.

They lost.

Now they are in a pickle. They seem to be spending most of their time getting caught up in conspiracy theories about Russians and hacking and Green Party re-counts and the world coming to an end and figuring out a good way to say they are not leaving the country after they said they would.

They seem to forget about gathering what forces they have left to combat the Trumpian surge or “Trumpkrieg” that is about to hit them. Thought I’d throw that “Trumpkrieg” in for any progressives “reading in”. Some good Nazi fodder for your virtual reality. Hoping to keep you all busy "tilting at windmills" while reality takes place.

I do remember the Reagan Presidency and its first 100 days. He launched an all-out attack on the failed economic policies of the progressives previously led by Jimmy Carter. Remember the slogan “It’s the Economy Stupid”. Well the Dems didn’t that time. Reagan endeared himself to Middle America through his single minded toughness fighting for tax reform and other economic issues directly affecting Middle Americans. After his near death by assassination and the courage and humor he showed during and through that, he further earned the respect of ordinary people during his first 100 days and was able to get his economic policies through, albeit later than the first 100 days but he did get them in place.

As the article points out all is not lost for the Dems. as history shows. The Republicans were in the Minority before also and came back as did the Dems before. Groups are already forming to fight back against Trump in the background but as the article points out they are lacking a leader. But in politics as in nature vacuums are abhorred and will be filled.

I’m afraid I see on the Trump side a lot of self-righteous detractors among Republicans and Conservatives. Our biggest political problem will be our infamous “circular firing squad” made up of Republicans claiming what is being done is too conservative or not conservative enough. Republicans are good at that, goes with the conservative aversion to power I guess. We have on occasion however risen above it when faced with a crisis as we thought this election (this war) portended.

Now we have to win the peace and try to put as many of our policies into play as we can manage and keep our sights ahead to what is to come.

The “Trumpkrieg” will soon begin, let us get behind it. Let us give the Trump team a chance and look at the proposals clearly and not with the goggles of virtual reality. Let us help ensconce them into power so they can get to the job we hired them to do. Make America Great Again.

Let us this day determine to “Win America Back” with our thoughts and deeds. Let us not let perfection be the enemy of the good.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

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