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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tea Party Merger In Muskegon !! + One in Grand Haven

Then There Was One.


First there was one just a few people trying to gather some friends for a protest. There plan was to start at Hackley Park then march to Heritage Landing to do the symbolic Tea Dumping. I found them at


Fyi when you get there scroll down to bottom and you’ll see a box to enter your state. Click on it and hit Mi. You’ll be surprised by the amount of people and cities.

Then I got hold of them and blogged about it. Next I was forwarded an email from the Muskegon Pundit about a Muskegon Tea Party.


It was something different. Another one of these pesky things had surfaced in Muskegon.

I went to their facebook site and there appeared to be something strange. The three listed all had GR locations. I being the blogger that I am decided to track this anomaly down. I shot them a couple of emails with the contact info I had for the other one. I didn’t get an immediate reply so being the nosey impatient person/blogger I am I noticed one of the people’s email had the word promed in it so off I drove to Promed on Park St. and talked to the supervisor there and he said that there was a guy by that name at the Apple Promed. Off I went to that and sure enough there he was. He had already got my email and had contacted the other group.
Bottom line is that both parties have contacted each other, both are glad for the other’s efforts and have merged into one. To get to the face book group google facebook then type in the search box the words “Muskegon tea party” that should take you there.

Below is a snippet from an email I got about a meeting to set stuff up. If you want to get involved at any level, go to the meeting listed in the email. You will be able to ask all the questions you may have about; place, signs, questions, flyers, promo. Or anything else you want to talk about.

-----email snippet-----
If you'd like to help with the TEA'D Party,There will be a meeting @ Applebees on Sherman- Sat. April 11th @ 3:00.

So there you have it for Muskegon Tea Party. The two shall merge and become as one and the rest shall forever speak Sat the 11th at 3pm or forever hold their piece.


Grand Haven.

I apologize for not putting up your info sooner. I talked earlier with Don Mulder in Grand Haven about the Tea Party he is organizing. I also got his # from the website above. If I remember correctly, he told me then he thought about 40 were interested. I’m thinking more by now. Don said they were meeting at the City Hall. I have a call into him for further details and will post them if I get them. His # is 616-847-1231.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

PS Our Carmen Group was lively this morning. Good political talk and food at Carmen’s restaurant every Thurs. Morn at 8am. Come join us. Start your day the Right way. lol

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