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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Breaking xxx Simpson Out of Dem. Primary for the 19th.

Breaking x Simpson Out of Dem. Primary for the 19th.

In Capital Chronicles off of MLive; Susan J. Demas wrote the following article about Mark Schauer

While the article is rather snarky, it does point to the reasons why Republicans are hopefully looking at the 19th special election.

In the article Susan Demas chronicles the record breaking illegal activity of the previous holder of the 19th Mark Schauer. He was fined $187, 000. Susan’s article explains the ill effects that should have on the finances of the State Senate race coming up in November, (yes this November). All that means is that Stryker will have to dig deeper to try to salvage a win for the Dems.
From her article I quote the following.

The Dems are already behind the eight ball trying to hang on to Schauer's old seat. First of all, Republicans tend to do better in special elections and the district is a hard one for Democrats - something even Brock admitted. And the GOP has already started an aggressive fundraising effort for former Rep. Mike Nofs, R-Battle Creek, while the Dems will likely waste plenty of resources in a primary between Jackson representatives Mike Simpson and Marty Griffin.

The challengers, are Mike Simpson and Marty Griffin.

Marty Griffin looks like a tough candidate for Mike Nofs; at least on the face of it. I’ve been researching and I see he was mayor of Jackson from 95-06 and he seems pretty conservative in his record. I found 2 or 3 blurbs about how much of a financial conservative he is.

Well then I found a more indepth article by Nick at Right Michigan about the tax and spender under the sheep’s clothing. Nick pointed out how he took credit for writing the Mich. Business Tax; that infamous job killing tax increase on business throughout the state.


Again, thanks to Right Michigan for lifting the Wizard of Oz’s curtain giving us a peak.

Breaking news from yesterday and MIRS.

I was already to talk about the possible primary fight coming up between the Dem. Reps from the 64th and the 65th, ( Griffin and Simpson) to see who was to run against Mike Nofs for the 19th. I had links and maps pitting the two. Oops, then I ran across a blurb from MIRS. I missed it yesterday. Looks like Susan's and my ideas of the Dems wasting money on the Primary isn't going to happen and the reverse is a possibility.

MIRS Capitol Capsule Headlines From Mon., Apr. 6, 2009

Simpson Out, Others In?
"Rep. Mike SIMPSON (D-Jackson) told MIRS today he won't be running for the 19th District Senate seat, but two GOP former representatives say they might be in."

I’m sorry but I don’t subscribe to MIRS so I can’t post the article. But enough said.
Just found out that it takes $1,990 for a subscription, that leaves me out but I luckily was accidently put through to a MIRS reporter and he at least told me that the alleged Nofs contenders are Lorence Wenke form Kalamazoo, formerly 63rd state rep; and Clark Bisbee from Jackson, formerly 64th state rep term limited in 2004.

I got this from earlier about Bisbee as a possible, but I thought it died out. I’m hoping whoever wrote that blurb at MIRS was just dredging up old news such as the link below


While Wenke and Bisbee are seasoned politicians and proven vote getters, I would hate to see a costly primary for the Republicans especially seeing how the Dems have figured it out and gotten rid of their competition with Simpson bowing out. I sincerely hope these two are just flexing their muscle or the reporter was flexing his.

Republicans don’t need a costly primary. All I know for sure for now is that Simpson is out.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

xxx (edit 04/08/09 9:03am) see this link and on this side bar for info from Nofs' campaign about some specifics about the Adopt a Precinct Program (end edit) xxx

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