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Monday, April 13, 2009

Adopt a Precinct and Caucus Lunch. (New Face)

Adopt a Precinct Update.

I just had a nice phone call with Terri Reid the leader of the State Party’s (MRP) Adopt a Precinct program. We talked a lot about the effort. The info I posted earlier from Steve Sachs is precisely correct.

If our County Party adopts a Precinct in the 19th we will get 4-500 phone #s in a precinct within that 19th district. Our job will be to call those with a script etc written as a poll to try to locate possible Republican voters.

Terri said she will be sending the email with the attachments so I can copy the bubble sheets off. This I can do, the calls WE can do. They can be done from the home or if we want from the HQ in Muskegon. Any way we want. The time frame from Steve Sachs was also correct and crucial. We would have one week to make the calls.

Terri also agreed with my assumption that 5 people doing 20 a day would be enough to make it work easily. If we had more, we could do it in a day. I’d love to see a party at the HQ to open it up for a spring type of thing when we can start to have meetings down there again. I was in there and already saw a few yard signs for McManus. I’ll be content to see us just get the job done in any fashion; even if only two people volunteer. A beginning is a beginning. Perhaps to quote Churchill, perhaps the

Terri said that this is just the beginning step in ways we could help if interested.
As I blogged earlier; in my talk with Holly bus loads of people were mentioned coming from Kent and I believe Oakland counties. According to Terri this is also true and will start in May or June. The times will come later.

At that time, after the state Party has collected the information from (hopefully our) “Phone from Home” effort; she will start scheduling door to door efforts to find the ones we couldn’t contact by phone. That will require boots on the ground, that will need our help. That’s what the bus load thing is about.

You will be glad to hear that door to door has already started by the Nofs campaign. From what I've heard from three different people so far is that Mike Nofs is a tireless worker and campaigner. Also in our favor a tidbit dropped by Terri is that Nofs is from Calhoun which is larger than Jackson where Griffin the Democrat comes from. Though a small advantage something is better than nothing. Holly reminded me that this district swings back and forth historically.

I’m hoping we in Muskegon as a County Party can first do the “Phone from Home” effort. Then wouldn’t it be great to get a bus load to go at least once to the 19th.

This is what the job of Precinct Delegates is in our own county; to locate and later motivate Republicans to get out and vote. Gathering information for our candidates in our individual Precinct is the first part of our job. Then later making sure all likely Republicans can and do get to the polls. I can’t repeat this enough; this is a golden opportunity to practice what our job as a PD is.

I also spent some time talking with Terri about the PD training workshop I had attended in Livingston County. I told her how good a presentation Marlene Shockley gave and how the County Party had gotten behind it. She knew Marlene and she agreed we needed more of that kind of thing. She agreed that it is necessary if we expect a change in 2010 from 2008!!! What was that saying about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

I am waiting to hear back from her about whom to call to set that up.

The idea is that a PD workshop would be great BEFORE the Bus Load “Door to Door” part of the “Adopt a Precinct” program; a way to practice what we learn. What part of SYNERGY don’t we understand? Give me a call and I’ll explain. Both are Indispensible in gathering votes here in Muskegon County for the 2010 election.

BTW the Muskegon Tea Party is gearing up and most things are finalized. Keep up with the updates on the side bar.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

****edit update****
Smile you're on GOP candid camera.

Just got back from the Pizza Ranch where the Muskegon County had their "work
pre-membership Meeting. Ie Caucus. It was a good turn out. There is something along with Tea Brewing in the underbelly of America.

I took advantage and presented my info on the Tea Party and on the Adopt a Precinct program. Holly was there and she was able to chime in with some authority about the importance of the Adopt a Precinct program and victory in the 19th. I think the seed was planted.

I will try to get together a more definite plan by our meeting next Monday the 20th. Holly also said that we might be able to hitch a ride on the Kent Co. bus. She said she was going to. I'll find out the particulars and post it as I get it.

Some good news was found in a few new faces. One in particular was a person trying to find out about running for the 91st state Congressional seat now held by Mary Valentine. His name is Chad Wegner out of Fruitport. He is a rookie to the game. After my last post about a political class, Chad seems a breath of fresh air. Another aspect of the uniqueness of his possible candidacy is that he states he is a stay at home dad.

When asked by others why he was thinking about running, he said that I could quote him as saying, “Enough is Enough”. He was fed up with the way things were being done in the state.

This district will be contested as usual. There will be others entering the primary, I will try to keep up with the developments.

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