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Friday, April 10, 2009

L. Brooks Patterson out of Governor's Race

Nick at Right Michigan had this article from


The title says it all.

“Brooks out of governors race speculation that Bouchard will enter”

L. Brooks Patterson is not going to run for Governor in 2010
While I may disagree with some of the article, I agree with Chetly Zarko that “Nonetheless, these are difficult decisions and we look forward to seeing how it shakes out in the next few weeks. “ I also congratulate him on breaking this.

Nice Reporting.

This is a primary race for the books to be sure. Add to what Chetly said about the candidates, the unknown and flash and money of Brandon to go along with the money Chetly mentioned of Rick Snyder; this primary is already underway whether we like it or not. Full of drama. lol

Over on this side of the state Pete’s “regionalized” support is well known. We also know along with the rest of the state Pete’s national reputation. As I already blogged Land and Cox are already proven vote getters and people recognize them state wide. What a field.

Hope in 2012 we can field such a talented slate to run for President.

That would be a pleasant surprise wouldn’t it?

Well done Oakland Politics.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative

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