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Thursday, April 23, 2009

PD Workshop in MUSKEGON

Are you a Precinct Delegate and have wondered what you are supposed to do?

If you are not one, have you ever wondered what a Precinct Delegate is and what they are supposed to do; and that perhaps you might like to become one?

I am a PD and wondered the same thing, and no one seemed to really care or know what the job entailed nor how to do it.

Well I decided to try to figure it at about the same time the last election was over. Late sure, but never too late. I was mad and embarrassed by that loss, knowing I could of done something more but didn’t know what.

I started researching and asking everyone I knew about Precinct Delegates. The knowledge out there was fragmentary and scattered. I kept at it, kept looking; the internet is a wonderful tool for gathering information; but it still takes real one on one connections for me to really grasp the truths of things.

I found a truth in Livingston County and their Party. I saw on their website a Precinct Delegate Workshop advertised and I decided to go. I’m glad I did. I made some friends and learned a lot about the job of a precinct Delegate. I began to learn the value and meaning of networking and the efficiency of the internet in doing that.
The lady who gave that Workshop Presentation was Marlene Chockley who I talk about later.

I then started rattling the chain of command in the party and low and behold.


It is now official, Muskegon is having its very own precinct delegate workshop. The final nail slid home when I got this email from Terri Reid at State Party HQ.

-----email snipit-----
Thanks for the info. Larry is available to do May 2. We’re also checking with our Deputy Chair Barb VanderVeen about attending.

Talk to you soon.



The info she referred to was all the stuff Marlene Chockley was kind enough to send me about her Precinct Delegate workshop that she gave for the Livingston County Republicans. The Larry she referenced above is Larry Ward from the state party who will give the presentation.

Things may not be ideal and time is short in order to create a buzz to boost attendance, but it is a start.

For some background.

Our County party, thanks to Dave Farhat gave this a focus, something to gather the troops around. David snared Jim Huntsman Jr. Governor of Utah for a noon speaking engagement May 2nd.

It was a onetime chance and I give him credit for jumping on it. I give our other co-chair Susie Hughescredit for suggesting we add on a Precinct Delegate meeting earlier in the day preceeding the Huntsman talk and now luncheon.

I jumped on that idea. Now we will have a full fledged workshop for Precinct Delegates, who after ward will get a discount for the Luncheon and program by Governor Jim Huntsman Jr.

Our past chair and Current County Commissioner Bob Scolnik was drafted to put this together, make up and mail all the invites. Below is a copy of the letter he sent out to around 100 Precinct Delegates. I was impressed. Bob will also be sending out I’m guessing around 700 others to our mailing list without the delegate only labels.
For Precinct Delegates Only!
The Muskegon County Republicans
Invites PRECINCT DELEGATES to attend a
Special Caucus Luncheon and Meeting
Jon Huntsman, Jr.
Governor of Utah
Former Ambassador to Singapore

Saturday, May 2, 2009
10:30 AM $ Oak Ridge Golf Club
513 W. Pontaluna Rd. $ Norton Shores
PRECINCT DELEGATE MEETING 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Social – 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Lunch – 12:00 noon • Program during lunch
$15/person for lunch for Precinct Delegates

Please RSVP by April 29th

Questions? Call (231) 206-4873 or e-mail

……………………………………………………….please cut and mail…………………………………….……………..

Muskegon County Republicans
 Yes, I/we will attend the Precinct Delegate meeting and Caucus Luncheon at the Oakridge Golf Club. Enclosed is my/our contribution of $______for ______ticket(s) at $15 per person
 No, I/we cannot attend the Meeting and Luncheon but I/we have enclosed a contribution of $________ to show my/our support
Please RSVP by April 29th

City____________Zip___________Phone____________ E-mail:_________________________________

Any proceeds from this event will be used to benefit the Muskegon County Republicans. Please make checks payable to The Muskegon Republicans. Send reservation and check to P.O. Box 265, Muskegon, MI 49443 Paid for by the Muskegon County Republicans
P.O. Box 265, Muskegon, MI 49443-0265

In cutting and pasting I have garbled it up. Lost all the color and fonts etc. but believe me it was well done. BTW all are invited to the talk. All PDs from anywhere are invited to the Workshop the workshop itself is free.

I was talking Thurs. am at our Carmen Group weekly breakfast with Jon Koens the 2nd district treasurer about Susie Hughes’ idea of sending the invite to at least all the surrounding County Chairs and having them put it out there also. Jon is getting on it;.getting with Jon De Witt from the Hoekstra 2nd district camp. I’ve called Juanita Pierman and Joan Runnells already.

I have high hopes. Jim Huntsman alone is worth the trouble and my dream of PDs becoming important again in Muskegon has some legs. I realize going to a workshop is only the first step, but I see great things as possible from there. Already others are thinking of setting up tables to give the PDs a place to volunteer for upcoming events of our County Party. (please see the side bar calendar of events). I’d like to set up a table just for the “Adopt a Precinct Program” as well.

The Precinct Delegate was initially set up to be the strength of the party. We can make it so again.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


Big Mark said...

I was looking to attend a few meetings and also to become involved with the GOP here in Muskegon. Now I see the Muskegon GOP has invited Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman to speak at a Muskegon County Republican Party event Saturday.
I guess Muskegon isn’t ready to be taken back…

live dangerously said...

Sorry Mark I didn't see your multiple comments.
Same reply;

If I wanted to wait till Muskegon is "ready" to be taken back, it never will be.

If I waited for a perfect candidate to vote for, I would have nothing to do election day.

If I looked for a reason not to do something, I would do nothing; the reasons are legion.

So I decided to try to find out how to make Muskegon "ready" to be taken back.

I try to actively promote the most conservative GOP I find. I'm trying to find people to make a difference however small.

I think the party is worth changing. I will listen to what others say before I judge them on what I might call the GOP Politicaly Correct mantra. Like the Dems PC BS, ours also is demeaning to us.

Keep pushing Big Mark,just beware of the knee jerkers of both parties.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.