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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Muskegon Tea Party facts and New Web site

Muskegon Tea Party facts and New Web site.

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Big news, a new web site in Muskegon is coming; but first some information about the Muskegon Tea Party from the co-organizer of the event. Joshua Charney. The guy that did most of the grunt work. In a phone conversation he thanked all involved for their effort.

Josh said he was overwhelmed by the turnout at the event; by the emotion of the people attending. I have some corrected figures he gave me in an email I’ve copied below.

-I can confirm numbers between 400-500 by sign in sheets and emails. (some estimates are 700+ but I can't confirm or deny this)

-We had donations to the food shelf (aprox 20lbs)- send pics in the morning, the small amount all will go to Catholic Charities.

-We made it to almost $100.00 ($94.38 which I'm kicking in to get to get to 100) for the postcard postage. (this includes all loose coin put in event donation jar) so 133 postcards will be sent to Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. (again pics in the morning after I go to the Post Office.
Xxx my edit xxxx—that is 133 each or 400 cards altogether.xxxx end edit xxxx

-$131.00 donation to reimburse event costs.

-Only 3 elected officials attended the event. (and 3 responses to emails before the event) a huge total of 6! From the 100s of officials that represent our county.

Drop me an email or a phone call in am any morning,

ps hope your voice gets better, we need it!


Now, to the potentially really good news.

Josh it seems is fluent (pretty much) in html. He will be starting a new web site called Muskegon starting some time this coming week.

He hopes to gather the energy he witnessed at the Tea Party and channel it into a way to keep our politicians feet to the fire about following the constitution.

Other than that I don’t know how it will evolve. I do wish him luck and will try to help out when I can. I will put the address up when it happens.

Good luck Joshua.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. See top of side bar. Mike Nofs makes it official this Tues. 4/21. He is announcing that he is a candidate for the 19th State Senate Seat in the upcoming special election THIS November. Don't forget to get involved in the Adopt a Precinct Program, through your local county Republican Party. Or give me a call or email. I'll be happy to hook you up.

Bob Carr

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