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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mike Nofs Makes his Official Announcement.

Mike Nofs Makes his Official Announcement.

Mike Nofs announced Tuesday that he is officially in the race for the 19th state of Michigan Senate District seat. He did this first in Battle Creek at 10 am, then later in the day in Jackson.

I managed to go to the Battle Creek affair. There were between 50-75 people in attendance. I arrived as the announcer was getting ready to introduce Mike Nofs. I had a couple of minutes to get his picture out in the hall and introduce myself.

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I found a seat as he stepped up to the podium. Mike Nofs seems pretty average in appearance. He’s not tall or short, skinny or fat. A decent looking candidate. As he started talking I got a feeling that I could talk with this guy; a feeling that he wouldn’t try to overwhelm me and would listen. Mike seems like a real person is what I’m trying to say.

He gave a brief sketch of his early years and growing up with 9 other siblings. He seemed to think that might give him an edge in working with others while still getting what he wanted. His experience in public office seems to bear that out. Some of those siblings, now grown were in the back looking on.

His placards had the word “JOBS” prominently displayed. Mike then explained what his plan would be to create jobs.

First he would help the job creators by getting rid of the surcharge business tax, fight and repeal any and all regulations he could. He drew applause when he said what he thought government should do in regards to small business; “Get out of the Way.”

Secondly to help the workers he vowed to fight for any necessary retraining, and to also fight to lower taxes so the worker could keep more of what they earned.
Thirdly he talked of making the government better able to do the above by making the finances including salaries et al. more transparent.
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Mike’s mantra was “Jobs First and Jobs Now”. He told the audience that to accomplish that he if elected would stay focused on the issue. He said that he would give every piece of legislation that crossed his desk a priority based upon two things. If that bill improved the business climate in Michigan, or it helped to create jobs, the bill would go to the front of the line.

Candidate Nofs also stressed a more common sense approach to Michigan politics. He pointed out that it made NO sense that as property values go down property taxes go up. As workers get their hours cut their income taxes get raised. To stop all that we need to cut spending.

Mr. Nofs was a decent speaker, he is definitely emotional about what he believes and seemed capable of making it happen. He seemed also to be a focused person, able to keep his mind on the task at hand. He also has the experience in government to bear that out. I liked the idea that he was a strong minded person who didn’t seem willing to be swayed by money or politics.

While it didn’t appear he could “jump tall buildings in a single bound” he did seem quite capable of making a plan and following it through. His beliefs and his energy level seemed high enough to carry him through the election. Mike Nofs seems tireless, I’ve heard that about his previous elections, yesterday I got a glimpse of that.

I think, I Like “Mike”

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS> I also got to meet Greg Moore, Mike’s Campaign Manager. Also was able to put a face to Steve Sachs from Mike team. Norm Shinkle from the state party was there and we had a nice talk. Norm does get around as I saw him at the Brighton Lincoln Day Dinner.

Talking with Greg Moore, their web site is up but they are having a problem with it as far as administrative and legal things so all they have is the home page up and it isn’t active. It redirects traffic to another page. Greg assured me that the site once up and running was top of the line. Hopefully this week sometime, so keep that in mind if you visit the above site. Check back later.


Jameson said...

Hello, I saw your blog and thought you might be interested in Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (MI-11). Here's a link to his most recent op-ed on the DHS report. Please e-mail me back if you're interested in receiving his releases and youtube video updates.

Jameson Cunningham
Press Secretary

live dangerously said...

Thanks for stopping by.
I have one of Rep/ McCotter's you tube on the head of my side bar at Got to admit with all my coverage of the Tea Party thing then the media talking that conservatives were terrorists, then your email says DHS!! Well I had to wonder.

Also wondering if Rep/ McCotter had planned on giving Mike Nofs any help with his campaign?

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative