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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Alamo and Jack Hoogendyk

Looking beyond the Tea Party Day activities, what can we do.

The different organizers of the Parties are coming up with their own ideas. I will say here and now that I do not believe a solution involving a third party is practical and would just give comfort and aid to the enemy. Also I don’t think that propagating the Tea Parties on into the future will do anything except give the once spontaneous event a long slow ugly bickering death. A shooting star deserves it’s fiery and glorious death.

The Tea Parties on the 15th, if enough of us attend and are vigorous, will have served their purpose as a wake up call and a rallying point. A "Remember the Alamo" type of thing.

What will have the best chance to lead to change is to find candidates with the integrity to stick to their guns and not fold under the pressure to conform to the Political Ruling Class mentality. As Jack McHugh seems to say in the linked blog below, politicians need to listen to us not themselves.

Jack McHugh, from the Mackinac Center recently blogged about the Political Class and corruption of both parties, in an excellent article linked below.


I don’t pretend to know the answer. That is the problem, there is no macro answer. That really is the point. Macro or Big doesn’t work except for those running the “Macro or Big” and those are few. They have to be broken down to the “Micro” or more local and those are many. The complications (politics) come as to where to draw the line.

That is the whole idea. To solve this problem, we need citizens to stand up and demand to be heard. Not at the national level, but at the local level. We need candidates that are willing to say that my constituents don’t need wasteful programs; don’t want waste and inefficiency; and that it is my job to find the facts about which ones are truly needed and then make the tough decision as to which ones stay and which ones go. It is also my job to let the people that I work for know those things.

We need a Congressman that sets up a process to return money not needed, and make sure that money is returned in lower taxes, in more individual freedom next time. We need courageous Politicians to stand up to their own parties.

We the citizens have to get involved enough to demand this of our politicians. Then we have to support the heck out of them with what money we can and all the time we can find to volunteer to help them in whatever way we can. We have to reward those outside the “political class” in the only way we can; by the currency of our vote, and in the case of Tea Parties, our voice. Their integrity will let them accept no other.

You want integrity? Look for congressmen that have stood up against the bailouts from the beginning. Bush did the first one who was against it then, which Republican had the guts to stand against that? That is integrity. That courage is worth backing.

You want integrity? Look for the Democrats who have stood against the bailouts since Bush left office and Obama came in. You will find integrity there as well.

In each case you will find beleaguered politicians being stifled by the Political Class. They will lose the money and backing of their Party. They will probably lose their elections. These candidates risk all in our name and what do we do to repay them? Do we care? Do we take the time to thank them? Do we make any sacrifices of our own to watch their backs? Or do we come up with some cute thing to say such as “they should of known better”, or better yet “It’s their job”?

When it comes to after the Tea Party, we will as always get what we deserve. Let this brilliant shooting star be the catalyst that starts to make our wishes come true, and not a cause of dissention.

Let us deserve better.

“Remember the Tea Party”

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. “What Can I (DO) Today”, not who can I make fun of today?

PPS. I know I didn't mention Jack Hoogendyk. Nice trick Huh? Below is a link to his blog. If you didn't vote for him last election, why not. You do the digging.

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