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Friday, April 3, 2009

One Thing Hopefully Leads To Another

Big doings for me on this Friday.

I’ve been planning on going to Lansing for the noon Tea Party festivities; well I’m still going, but after that I’m planning on driving down to Jackson.

What started this chain of thoughts out was that I got to thinking about the long drive to Lansing, from Muskegon in my old truck when it dawned on me; as I was making out the calendar on my sidebar that Livingston County was having their Lincoln Day Dinner on the 15th as well. The time for that was from 7-9pm. Viola! I could just hang around Lansing for a few hours and mosey over to Livingston County which was only around 50 extra miles.

Then later as I was thinking about the Adopt a Precinct program, I checked on a map to see where Jackson was and it was about 40 miles south of Lansing. Gee maybe I could work it out to check out the area of the 19th. As a way to fill the dead time between Lansing and Livingston County. I could get a lay of the land so to speak. I decided to call up Steve Sachs from the Nofs camp, to see if they had someplace where I could get in a little peak at the action.

I did and he seemed happy by the prospect. Steve said that would be great and he also said that Jackson was trying to get a Tea Party of their own together for around either 5 or 6 PM he said he wasn’t sure of the facts. He also said that I could probably get an interview with Mike Nofs too if things could work out alright. He said he would check and call me right back. I was getting really excited.

Well that was around 4pm it is now 11:45pm. I don’t think he’s going to call me back. Ya think? I’ll try again tomorrow. That would make for a really busy and fun day though. A day full of pictures and blogging and politicking. A Junkie couldn’t ask for more.

Stay tuned for updates.

Jackson may not happen, but I have a feeling that the Lansing Tea Party will be huge; and my favorite guy Jack Hoogendyk will be there, I’m hoping for an interview from him. That would be great. Put on top of that carousing with the Livingston group and hearing Pete talk well, it couldn’t get much better.

By the way I’m putting it out there now. If someone wants to come with me and share the gas and company you are welcome. Just remember the time involved and the travel. A long and at times possibly frantic day. We could take your car if you don’t like to ride in an old truck. I’d pay my share and then some in that case. Also remember there is a $50.00 cost for the Livingston County Lincoln Day Dinner. See side bar calendar for all the details. Also the Jackson side trip is up in the air at this point, but if interested let’s talk.

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