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Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Man And His Truck Can Be A Beautifull Thing

I just got back from my weekly Sunday Morning Conservative Coffee for Ward 2 Muskegon, and for the 13th time, no one showed up except me. I sat as usual enjoying my forced relaxation and being out and about at such an early hour Sunday morning. I read some more of the Effective Executive by Peter Drucker. Great little book. I’m picking up all sorts of great insight into almost all the stuff I deal with day to day. This book may have to do with being an effective executive, but it can be used to teach me how to be an effective person and make what I do actually happen. This is a road map on how to turn your ideas on anything into something. This is right up the alley with my “Make Do, Make It Now, Make It Work” kind of get it done idea. The mechanics of the “What Can I Do Today” slogan I use couldn’t be better explained if I had written it myself.

Anyway, with only 15 minutes left to read before the end of my “Conservative Coffee” I saw this beautiful pickup truck pull up. It was a super duty 4 door “dualy”, a “450”. Shiny Black with Glittering chrome all over Pick up. Let me interject here that I’ve been driving pickups for a long time as my only vehicle. My work demanded it plus they come in handy for all sorts of other things. I drive now a rusted out 1993 Ford F150, 6 cylinder. When the two men walked in, they were big men that fit the truck, one younger the other older, both well dressed like the truck. I caught their eye and complimented them on their truck. They accepted it pleasantly.

I went back to reading, they went around the corner to eat. As I left I saw them and went over to say hi and to find out what they used such a big beautiful truck for. Well the rest is what they told me. My Sunday morning Conservative Coffee bore fruit. It wasn’t political fruit though except in the broadest of terms. It was a delicious “Bottom Up” fruit. Good to the Core.

There are good things being done in our community by good people that few people know about because those people aren’t looking for news, they simply want to get good things done. They Make Do Make It Now, and Make It Work. The name of the Person I met this morning is Pastor James R. Duncan Jr. He is pastor of The Greater Revival Miracle Temple. This man has been helping people on his own when necessary and with friends for a long time.

He just recently went with a crew to Arkansas to do a make over of a home in need for a family in need. His crew consisted of an Electrician whom I know Tommy Walker, a plumber, and 4 carpenters. They used the truck to haul a big trailer with all their tools and supplies etc. The nearest Home Depot was a long ways, 50 miles or so, the truck and trailer in this case was a necessity.

Pastor Duncan also told me that they have a Tent Revival every day from 6:30 - 8:00 EVERY day with free ice cream and hotdogs at the 2345 Getty St. Address. This guy doesn’t have to but I get the sense he still asks, “What Can I Do Today” everyday.

He lives at a Foster Care Home he runs, located on or around Hackly and I believe he said Hume. The number to reach him is 830-9111. Better yet run out to Getty and help share the love, it’s free but if you have it I’m sure he’d take any donation of time offered or money. He never did mention donations or money. Just stuff he’s doing.

I had a few questions that would help fill out this blog so I called to hopefully ask the Pastor. As fate would have it, his wife answered it. She I found out is the one who bought the truck for him. She explained that he had wanted a real truck instead of the trucks like mine that he had been getting by with for a decade of working his ministry. He does not get a salary for his ministry. And as I’m finding out this volunteer based thing is a real study in the art of Making do so we can Make it Now, and Make it Work. I said that it looked like if anyone deserved it he did. She laughingly agreed.

Today I’m blogging about this in hopes someone will read it and help out. To paraphrase, the question of “What Can I Do Tonight?”, has been answered. lol Tonight I’ll go to the Revival and check it out. Below is the particulars.
Greater Revival Miracle Temple
2345 Getty St.
Pastor James R. Duncan Jr.
As for the rest of the day my son has been asking “What are you going to do today on my house you said you’d remodel”

Regards and have a wonderful Bottom Up day
Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. Sarah Palin I’ll bet asked herself one day, “What Can I Do Today” her answer was to join the PTA. It worked !!!! Look what she’s accomplished.
PPS When I go tonight to the Revival, I'll try to get a picture of the truck and some others.


Anonymous said...

Conservatives are more likely to be in church on Sunday. Try moving your coffee to Saturday morning!

live dangerously said...

I know that is right. Ironically though that is how I met Pastor Duncan and that led me to his church Sun nite. Talk about mysterious ways. May have been a message to me ?? I'm actually finding it a peaceful way to spend Sunday morning. The Thurs. morning "Carmen Group" is going well so I assume you are right.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative