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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Summary of Stuff.

Weekend summary of stuff.

The Tigers are hanging in there, but just seem to lack the umph to battle for the top spot. Minn. And Chicago are neck and neck. I hope we’re saving it for the home stretch.

Really sad to see Pudge go. He was the Tigers. He was there from the days of the worst record in baseball to the best. Wish he could of taken a World Series win with him. Man of man will he be missed. Time I guess for others to fill the void. We’ve got the talent.

My daughter Liz Carr told me that her favorite sport Disc Golf is having it’s World Tournament for the first time in Michigan. She is really doing well in the sport, one of the best in Michigan. I’m trying to figure a way to get there (I don’t think my old truck will make it) and be her caddy for a day to share the fun. The tournament is long, one day of it is all I could handle. lol
-----off the web.---------
“Join us for the 2008 Disc Golf World Championships, taking place in the southwestern Michigan cities of Battle Creek and Kalamazoo, August 8-16, 2008.”
Below is an article from the Detroit Free Press about the sport and Liz.
Another link to her status in the state.
What Can I Say. I’m a proud Dad.

Politics ---- What else is there to say but WOW. It is really starting to heat up. Went with Karen Buie to a meet and greet dinner out in the country at a beautiful home. I really felt my shortcomings as a rookie campaign manager in that setting. I didn’t strut my stuff, just tried to take it all in. Spoke when spoken to. Huge tented area with table clothed tables presented a pretty picture. Dinner was later after an hour of mingling. This was for the Laketon Township candidates. Christina Achterhoff the Laketon Township Clerk was the host, and her friendship with Karen the Muskegon County Clerk I think is what garnered the invite.

I met a lot of nice people, and a few of the candidates. The primary is set for Tuesday and there are a lot of Republicans running in Laketon for a few slots. I wish them all luck.

My Blogger Cohort GordoM
and I have been given permission and some training to revise and update and make the new Muskegon County GOP web site more exciting. We both hope the powers that be are ready for the change. We plan some big changes. We may be biting off more than we should with this effort. But if the mechanics are possible I think we will be able to do it. My view is a site with all the local candidates in Muskegon County in on it. Not just the County wide and larger ones. That is an addition of between 40 and 50 Republican candidates that will be left after the primary.

A lot of these candidates don’t have web or blog sites. I’m hoping that GordoM and myself with the help of Patrick Bowen the Web site creator can make the site into a de facto web site for those who have none. We hope we can get this going and close to completion by the next meeting of the Muskegon County Republicans. Aug 25th. I hope this will help the candidates from across the county and bring us all closer together. It is taking me hours of effort to just get a picture from my computer to the site, and I still can’t get it to open let alone put it where it belongs. I’m hoping with GordoM and Pat helping this week I’ll get the mechanics down then start trying to get ahold of those 40-50 candidates and have them give me a bio and pic. And any links they may have to articles or anything that has the information they want to get out there.

GordoM is great at the news links and ferreting out nice interesting and fun pieces from the news. I got this one I linked below through some posts at Right Michigan see side bar under “Old Standby Links” This video below is great. Hope GordoM can figure out how to get it on the Muskegon County GOP site. My first time to that site, it’s great. Scroll down to the video of the parody of McCain and Cocaine. It is what I’m talking about. That will jazz up our county site, or nothing will.

Life still goes on for me; bills, work part time, painting and repairing my own home so it doesn’t fall apart anymore. My Dryer stopped working. I feel like Truman with socks hanging from hangers drying in my house. Not to belabor the comparison, I’m changing my house color from white to grey.

I guess this is my way of saying I’m having a ball.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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