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Thursday, August 28, 2008

With a Little Help From Our Friends

I’m a stubborn Irishman with a little Scot mixed in, now mix that with a ton of prayer then add some help from new friends and viola.

We are going to have our very own McCain "Convention Watch Party" in Muskegon. It was a close thing.

I was at the end of what I could do. I explained what I tried in my last post. Since then our Chairman tried to pull in some favors to help but that also fell through at the last minute. Luckily at our weekly Thurs. morning 8 am “Carmen Group” (see side bar under calendar) I threw it out on the table that I needed some place to hold the event and the time was nearly out.

{ps.The Weekly Carmen Group is a success so far, lots of talk and stuff schemes and dreams---I'd like to see the Sunday Conservative Coffee get some response. I may have to cancel that one}

David Farhat stepped up to the rescue and offered what he calls the war room which is a really large garage which I doubt ever had a car in it. It is finished nicely inside with all the luxuries. He often uses it for political meetings. It’s in a nice part of town too. We can’t hold a lot of people and the projector idea is out but we will have food and drink, with good Republicans and political talk back and forth as we meet to get behind McCain. Like the song says, if you want Barack out you got to get the vote out McCain..
I’ve posted the watch party on the McCain site. It’s the one at the Whispering Woods Rd. address. First click on the link which takes you to McCain Nation.
Then click on the lower left red white and blue button that says Convention Watch Parties. That will take you to a search box and type in your zip and you are there.

We can only take around 30 people so it will have to be first come first serve.

Some friends have helped me with getting McCain yard signs and other stuff to have on hand. This party may seem like a small thing but to me it’s a “Bottom Up” type of thing. I’m happy with that.

Other good news is that I was given the go ahead from the party to get internet hookup at the headquarters and it will be installed Thursday (I hope anyway). I always cross my fingers on this high tech stuff. I still plan on opening the headquarters noon to 5pm Monday thru Friday through the election cycle. Now I will have some dedicated time to blog and work on the GOP Website. Also two people have volunteered to spell me some. I will take what I can get and if I have the time the more the merrier.

On to the Hoogendyk Fundraiser as I blogged last time Char Boertman was planning on having a fundraiser for Jack also. Well we are coming together and will probably work together and have a single event probably at Toast N Jams, which is her and her husbands Restaurant. If that happens, the odds of making it a success may have just quadrupled and Jack will only have to make one trip for twice the money. That is what this is all about after all. I’m finding if I can keep my ego out of it or at least in check, I find that I can always answer the question “What Can I Do Today“.

(As I was proofing this I had an idea. Holly Hughes’ daughter just had surgery. I think I will get a get well card and have all the candidates and her helpers etc and all the people I can find to sign it. Hey Candidates have hearts too, and their families have to put up with a lot. I’ll have to wait till I get back though.)

This new “bigger” fundraiser” will be held later probably end of Sept or early Oct. It could be a really good thing. I will be thinking non stop till then, I’d love to come up with something really unique, something Jack would appreciate.

I realize that once I become willing to dig in and work, there are others out there willing to lend a hand if they can. I am finding it uplifting to find those people out there who really want to help to make things better. To steal the Beatles lyric. “We get by with a little help from our friends” We also learn that from our friends. I’ve learned some of that from Morning Bear.

I’ve blocked out Friday to go up around Hart and help Morning Bear ( my friend from the community Garden she started and I helped dig up, I blogged about the garden before) I don’t know the details but she is trying to resurrect an old church and an Indian and (reg?) cemetery. I’ll take my tools and see what I can do that day for her. Once the Church is stabilized, she wants to set up a Native American something or other up there, it’s all tied into the Catholic Church somehow. If it is interesting I’ll blog about it when I get back, Friday nite.
Morning and I are indeed a study in contrary views but pretty close in what we want to see as the end results. As long as we both keep in mind the end result, I think we both learn something about each others ideas which creates it’s own synergy, and so far we have done some good stuff. Not the patronizing thing or the charity thing but more like the teach them how to fish type of thing.

We both accept that we are blessed because we know how to “fish”, to do some things. Neither of us are guilty about this knowledge. Being Blessed and guilty do not go hand in hand. We are thankful for the blessings we have and feel good about sharing it with others.

Well enough of the God stuff. I’ll be away from my computer for nearly a day and Morning said her cell phone doesn’t work up there. Man I’ll be a nervous wreck with a serious case of the Jones. Also before I get too swelled a head. She is already up there. She left Thursday morning, she has other friends volunteering and she will be up there all weekend. Puts my 8-10 hours into better perspective. Plus I get breakfast lunch and dinner, home cooked venison and the fixings. Not too shabby for a city boy.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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