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Monday, August 25, 2008

My life has been thrown into politics this election year. So what I’m blogging about is politics. Local politics. Following the “What Can I Do Today” concept. Here is what I’ve been doing.

Our Muskegon County Republican Chairman staged a free picnic and concert at a local park. People had to bring their own food. We only sold Ice Cream. The Band was the Oat Bran Boys. A local Blue Grass band. Well I had my doubts.

I was amazed, 5-600 people showed up. They brought chairs and food and drink. We sold plenty of ice cream, but the people had a great time. The picture shows our Chairman Bob Scolnik and some of the band. The other picture shows some kids having fun dancing to the music.

No politicking was allowed. This was for the community and they loved it. A “Bottom Up” award to Bob for doing something he didn’t have to do.

There was also a Parade in Roosevelt park. This was a large parade and my pictures didn’t turn out good but we gave out again a ton of candy and such. I did get a picture of our youngest “Buie Buncher” Jaydon with Patrice and Karen Buie our County Clerk.

I have been in defacto charge of our web site as far as updates and getting it more friendly. It’s been a struggle as I’m slow to learn new stuff. But I’ve been attacking it with a vengeance.

We only had the county and above candidates on the site. I decided to try to get all the Township Republican Candidates on the site as well. Let them use our site as their “Mini web site” Friday and Sat. I spent trying to figure out how to do that. There are an extra 54 candidates at the Township level. I finally figured it out Sat. night. All day Sun from 10am till 4:30 I called all 54 candidates. Most weren’t home and I left a message. The rest seem somewhat interested to very interested. Only a couple said it was a waste of time.

The biggest hurdle was to convince people that I wasn’t selling them anything. Or asking for anything. Once they realized I was just doing this as a volunteer to try to help them they opened up. There has only been one person so far that has actually sent me the info. And I put it up last night. I’m hoping for 20 or so to take advantage of it. We’ll see. This is my way of injecting a little “Bottom Up Politics” into the County Party. I offered if the product is good and I present it well then people will use it. If not they won’t. I hope this will get some new blood through offering some heartfelt help. Back to my concept of how the new Republican Party should work. A Facilitator between the people and the government in a “Bottom Up” direction not the Top Down way.

I forgot that I also was asked to be the City of Muskegon Chair for the John McCain campaign. I’ve met the County Chair and I’ve decided to propose to the Muskegon County Republican Party tonight (Monday) that I want to have them help me throw a “Convention Watch Party” . I will have a Projector to show the convention on the wall the acceptance speech by John McCain and have a couple hours before to munch on snacks and mingle and talk politics. Maybe if I can get my Computer there I can during the pre convention time put up some clips of Saddleback for the people to see. Also get some McCain yard signs and stuff placed around. Set up a table to have people sign up etc. Mainly though a celebration of the event.

To get that to work today I’m calling the Rental place for the projector and Comcast to wire up the County Headquarters for Cable and internet. I’ll get hold of the County McCain Chair to get his advice and help etc. The County Republican party will offer some money for this, then I’ll have to see about raising the rest. I think I’m going to have to let out my “Shameless” side. Start begging for donations. I have to get the basic plan ready for the meeting tonight and hope they do what they have to and OK the idea then I’ll get the info to the McCain site so they can post it on their site. Then also put it up on our County Republican Site.

Also tonight I’m going to propose a plan and offer to lead it to get volunteers to man the Headquarters so we can have regular hours posted and people can walk in off the street. I’m proposing noon to 6pm and later for any requests.

Well that is What I Can Do Today.
Now I better Do It.
Make Do, Make It Now, Make It Work

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


Jason Gillman said...

Wow... Keeping busy!

I like the Just doing it for the sake of wanting to. THAT is the way to have fun.

Surprised some of the folks even suggested it was a waste of time on your effort, but as you pointed out some thought perhaps you were selling... anyhow good to see it happening in this state we love!

live dangerously said...


There is some response starting to come in. The web site is getting some more hits. I'm still positive. Setting up a Hoogendyke fundraiser here also. Opening the County Republican headquarters too for regular hours.

What else can I be but in awe of your piece of investigative journalism. McHugh's efforts seem to be bearing fruit. Awesome

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative