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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jack To Take Michigan Back

I beg your indulgence for a minute or two as I delve into a National Race. The reason I hope will become clear. A “Bottom Up” type of reason to be sure.

Jack Hoogendyke is running for the US Senate from Michigan. He is running against Carl Levin. Levin has been our Senator for 30 years. I have nothing against age, and I have nothing against experience. In fact I believe the experience Michigan has had under the leadership of Carl Levin is something that can teach us a lot.

It has taught me that the policies Levin and the rest of the Democrat leadership in Michigan favor so much do not work. Have never worked, and if they continue to try to make them work, Michigan will slide completely down the tubes.

Simple enough problem to cure, just elect another candidate and get new leadership. Well that is where the problem comes in and where a “Bottom Up” kinda thing does too. This is where it gets down to the grass roots if you will. Carl Levin has 5 million in the bank, last I heard Jack Hoogendyk had just reached 100 thousand. What that? Jack is out financed 50 to one. I think he needs some help.

I have heard from a reliable source that at a meet and greet a person from the Huckabee camp asked Chuck Yob why the party wouldn’t help out Jack and he said that they only help out if the candidate is within 5% points of the lead. I also heard that Jack said that if he had 1 million he could win. I know and a guy wrote a book called Catch 22

Well here I go again, a real grass root thing has to get moving pretty quick for any chance to challenge Levin. Now to the “Bottom Up” mode.

Janice Daniels a Realator® in Troy Michigan got her feet wet in the “Bottom Up” kinda thing through A Bill Bennett coffee group. She since has found Jack and really likes his positions and feels he can make a real change in Michigan. Then she did what any one else can do but doesn’t. She decided to have a Meet the Candidate Breakfast. I was intrigued when I got wind of it and called her up. She is as dead serious about this as she is new to politics. She has a hall that will hold 200 people and she is begging for help to fulfill her hopes for Jack. This is a real “Build it and they will come” type of endeavor. Below is the flyer she sent me. I said I’d do what I could. If any of you have any contacts in Troy give them a call. Let’s help the lady out. We’d be helping ourselves the most.
The Detroit Chapter
The Saturday Morning in America Club
Proudly Announces
Our First
Rep. Jack Hoogendyk, Republican Candidate for the
U. S. Senate seat (currently held by Carl Levin) has graciously accepted our invitation to join us for our regularly scheduled
breakfast meeting at
Jimi's restaurant, 714 S. Washington St. in Royal Oak, Michigan

OnSeptember 20, 2008 at 9:00 am
Representative Hoogendyk currently serves in the Michigan State House of Representatives from the Kalamazoo area. 
We Encourage You to Join Us for Great Conversation,
Great Food and to Meet Our Great Senate Candidate
Rep. Jack Hoogendyk
Now to my part. My mast head statement ends with the words, “What Can I Do Today”? Well maybe it’s time to get off my butt to organize a fundraiser no matter how small for Jack Hoogendyk. Because I’ve never done this before is all the more reason I should learn now. “Make Do, Make it Now, Make it Work“. If anyone has any ideas let’s get together. Let’s get those roots growing for Jack to take Michigan Back. My # is 231-728-3455. Email is

Let’s give it a shot, together we can make it work.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. Just got a call from an employee of the Michigan GOP. He will be opening an office at Holly Hughes’ headquarters on Norton across from Meijer’s next week. His title is Director of The Candidate Campaign Center. His name is Nathan Rodriguez. His job is to get volunteers to help needy candidates to campaign and phone bank and door to door that sort of thing. Maybe he will have an idea to help out Jack. He is indeed a candidate in need. Anyway I just emailed him an invitation to our Thursday Morning 8 o’clock Carmen Group for coffee and conversation. Hope he makes it.

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