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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Best Laid Plans

Just some updates

The Best laid plans etc. Everything is ok’d for the Convention Watch Party for John McCain except the building. The draw back is the cable hookup, and it’s cost to install. Our County headquarters has none and I can’t charge them the $350 commercial hook up plus a hundred a mo. For a year. So that option didn’t fly.

Next was Holly Hughes Headquarters where we had the Primary night party it has the cable already installed. Just found out from Nate Rodriguez that because he has moved in there and set up his State Party Candidate Campaign Center, there can be absolutely no McCain activity. Ironically due to the McCain Feingold campaign finance legislation.. Nate tried hard for us but to no avail.

So I’m stuck. All I need is a vacant place the night of Sept. 4 from 5-12pm the event will be from 8-around 11pm I’ll need the extra time to set up and tear down. If any one knows any place that could hold, (don’t worry about tables etc, I’ll find that stuff) just a place that can hold up to 100 or there about and has a cable tv hookup please call me at 231-728-3455. Thanks. I’ll need to get this set in the next two days Let’s say by Friday in order to get the McCain site informed and actively helping .
Below is a link to the McCain site about the Convention Watch Party thing.
I have the County leadership willing to help me with email lists etc. I will do all the work with some friends we just need a building with a cable tv hook up, that has an out feed to run into the projector.

In other events the County Headquarters in Muskegon at 2492 Henry St. will be open as of Sept. 2nd from noon to 5pm Monday-Friday. Again any volunteers, I will be greatly happy to see to give me some free time. Lol. I’m working on getting internet hookup, we already have the phone and I’m pretty sure the Party will go for that. The point is there will be a computer there to play with, in my case I’ll finally have time to get back to my true love BLOGGING.

BTW the Muskegon County Website is coming along, today I’m going out to the laketon township treasurer’s home to help her and her husband come up with something nice to put up on the “Township Candidate” page. It will take some time for word of mouth to get this around. I hope they take advantage of this. We’ll see if I built it good enough for them to come.

On another note, the Hoogendyk Fundraiser took a big step forward. Sandra Baxter representing Jack’s Campaign called me and gave me the low down on what is expected and the mechanics of setting that up. We don’t need cable Hooray.!!!

Then as fate would have it I met a lady Char Boertman from a local new restaurant Toast N Jams, at Bob Scolnik’s fundraiser last night and she is also having a fundraiser for Jack at Toast N Jams in Oct. She was interested in finding out what I had learned, we were creating a little buzz and the local leaders were there and I got the ok to have it at the County Headquarters. Now it’s just a question of promoting it and coming up with some kind of gimmick Not that Jack needs gimmicks but something to get the people there. We don’t want to have extra costs etc.
Anyway got to get to work.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks.

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