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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting Old

As promised. The picture above is of the Church I went up to give a days labor too. My job was to scrape putty and paint the trim around the Curch Windows. They needed a lot of attention. Some of the wood should of been replaced. No time so being a good conservative I make do, make it now, make it work. I could only finish 3 of the 10 large stained glass windows. If anyone wants to donate a day and is good on ladders, give me a call at 231-728-3455. Morning Bear can use the help. I'm way to busy.
Below are a during and after shot of one window.

On the near right of the church is the Non-Indian Cemetary and on the Left of the church is the Indian Cemetary.

Morning was busy trying to remove the mold from the sidewalk and up the bricks of the wall for two feet all along the north side of the church. She had been working on it a full day then the whole day I was there. She has about 20-25 done. She is using a power washer with full strength bleech multiple timees while scrubbing inbetween multiple times. A really tough case of mold. Other volunteers are there today and tomorrow to help.

I don't know the politics of it all but the Catholic Church is letting her use part of the church for her purposes and the property I believe is deeded to the Indians.
An intersting note. The Indian Cemetary is a "green" cemetary, one of the few around. Green is not an environmental thing. It means that the bodies are allowed to be buried without embalming or caskets. Yup, just as they are. One of the volunteers was helping because he is sick and wants to be buried there. There are a lot of graves in the Indian Cemetary. Both are current and being used people have deeded an extra piece of land for each to be able to grow.

Now if we can elect a Conservative President and Vice President who will remove the Death Tax, this will be a really nice way to die and not force hardships on your family. Except of course digging the hole.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Edit. Sorry I'm still learning how to place the pictures right.

Ps.edit. I'm off to try to locate info and pictures of Governor Palin to have at the Convention Watch Party.

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