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Friday, August 22, 2008

McCain and a Corn Boil On the Farm

I went to Marve Engle’s fund raiser and corn boil last night. All the big shots and some of us little shots were there. Most of the evening was spent in small groups talking local politics. These groups were fluid and always moving with people coming and going. I love this kind of thing, with the election drawing nearer much of the talk was on strategy. It has been an education for me to watch the candidates evolve and grow to fit the job ahead.

One thing I couldn’t help but notice from the beginning was the effort by most of the candidates to distance themselves from the national leaders. The reasons seem pretty obvious. I too have shared them. I bring this up because I think we may be missing a chance to get behind our national candidate John McCain. To feed off of his strength that was so well portrayed in the recent Saddleback Civic Forum. By joining McCain and his ideas perhaps we can become more united as a party and enlarge our appeal to the voter.

Holley in her talk spoke of the State wide issues and brought them down to our local level, mainly the lack of jobs and how the Democrats have driven companies out of the state, with no end in site. That is something we can get behind as a party.

John McCain is stating what we also can get behind as a party. All we have to do is listen.

I had not even known of the Saddleback Civic Forum and missed seeing it. A blogger I had called from the middle of the state about a possible fund raiser for Jack Hoogendyk gave me a heads up and was quite enthused by it. She called it uplifting. These are words I too had not associated with John McCain.

I decided to find out what this was all about. I finally got all the pieces and I’ve listed them below.

John McCain is dying to be heard. Trying desperately to get his message out. Here is a man who gave short uncomplicated answers. The thing was, they were answers that made a lot of common sense. They were “Can Do” answers, better yet they were “Let’s Do It” kind of answers. There are ways out of our problems if we get government out of the way and when it is necessary make sure that it helps and not hinders our efforts.

One reason I bring up Saddleback on this “Bottom Up” site is that John McCain, from education to the economy to energy to health care is echoing the voice and dreams of the people. He is giving us common sense ideas and he is willing to reach across the isle to actually get something done. He has a record of doing so.

Americans are fed up with and sick and tired of the old rhetoric and how courageous and uncompromising politicians keep telling us they are. People are beginning to realize that this just leads to a bunch of overpriced politicians not doing anything. Creating a “Do Nothing” quagmire filled with lofty ideals, big talk and little else. The people know the proof is in the pudding and lately the politicians are completely out of pudding.

John McCain echoed the “Bottom Up” idea in his talk about education, and how the will of the American people is rising up forcing action on the quality and choices of education. That struck my nerve.

The other reason I bring this up here is that during the Fund raiser last night only Holley Hughes had actually seen the show. Most didn’t know what I was talking about. To be fair I didn’t see the show either. I missed it too. So the main reason I’m writing this is to give others a chance to see what in my opinion was McCain’s finest effort to date that I am aware of.

Below are the links to Saddleback Civic Forum. Enjoy

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