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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My previous blog had to do with the Tent Revival of Pastor Duncan. His selfless efforts to spread the Word. To help people. I promised some pictures but only one came out. It does not capture the fun and spirit that followed but here it is.

To be honest this was my first time in a revival. I really enjoyed it. It let some of the pressure off me. I felt good about it.

Next. The "Buie Bunch" had it's last parade of the season. We were many and we were the most pumped up and together Bunch out there. Even in the "Labor" Day parade where most Republicans fear to tread and most don't. We were jamming. Clapping and Chanting Karen Buie Muskegon County Clerk. Well you had to be there to appreciate the buzz it created. Let me tell you there were a lot of people there and they appreciated it. We were the only one that the announcer mentioned twice on our way past due to our outbreak of Chanting. This picture was setting up before the crowds.

This has been a great Bunch of people of all ages, from Patrice's grandson Jayden too well the old man. ME. lol. I hope this group will stay together and help us with our upcoming fundraisers, and other activities. We have a thousand yard signs coming. That alone would take one person a week to put together. With the "Buie Bunch" some music and food at the Newly opened (lol) County Headquarters, It could be done in a night. Have to get Shelly on it.
I can't help but feel good about this whole thing.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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