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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Conservative Hustle.

Thursday as usual started off at Camen’s Café downtown Muskegon for our weekly Conservative Breakfast, we call it the Carmen Group.

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Had to leave a little early so I could make it out to a gathering of a Punter Platoon. This one was Captained by Kay Punter. Our task was to label and sort postcards for the upcoming fundraiser for Ken Punter who’s running for the 91st State House seat. Not being a career politician he was working so Kay took over the duties of running this event.

Wham bahm, quick and easy with lots of willing hands. Always fun and interesting to talk with some people of like mind.

LeRoy Beck has been working hard on Facebook and Twitter; getting the Facebook page up and running for the Renewed Muskegon Patriots. This is reawakening of the original Muskegon Tea Party Group. Already there are 107 people on its Facebook page.


Our first business meeting in which the public is invited is March 2nd at 7pm see link below for details.


Here is the Muskegon Patriots’ group site on the Tea Party of West Michigan.


Things are starting to come together. Jim Riley and LeRoy Beck will not be able to make it so duties will have to be shared. Full thanks for what they have and are doing. Susie Hughes, Chris Kaijala and I will be sharing the duties for getting our first meeting this year set up. We so far have an agenda of things we propose setting up including a rally on Tax Day 4/15. Also other smaller volunteer events that will get us in a better position to influence local government.

The thing that makes the Tea Party movement work is our ability to take the frustration and anger out there and turn it into productive action. We as individuals are relearning that we can do things on our own. The whole idea is to take back the power given to us in the Constitution. We on the local level are learning how to do that at the City, County, Township and School Board levels.

Can’t begin to tell how many will show up, but we’ve been doing our homework and Chris and Susie have been sending out email blasts to all and Chris is sending out PRs to newspapers, radio and TV stations. Jim led it off with a Chronicle Clipping ad which ran Wed. from which we already are getting calls. The ad will run Sun. and Monday also.
Susie’s house is large. We are hoping for 40 or more. Manistee’s first one had 130/!!!
Here is a group Last April that gathered in Lansing on the Capital steps. I took these pics and had the day of my life.

Susie's house isn't that big. lol
Say hi to Joe

Meanwhile that day Muskegon had its own Tea Party put on by the Muskegon Patriots, the very same group that is having its Rebirth Meeting March 2nd. Here is a link to a blog I did about it.


Looking for bigger crowds this April 15th. Come to the meeting March 2nd and help us plan it out. If you missed the fun last year welcome aboard.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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