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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

As the World Turns

Funny how things keep rolling on down the hill once you give them a kick. I’ve been doing a lot of kicking for a couple years now and well the can is slowly making its way down the hill. I’ve learned that once I kick I need to get out of the way. Once I try to take credit - well - progress stops. I’m going to go underground at least as much as my ego will let me. One thing I’ve learned is that ego is one thing the Party is not in short supply of.

We had a meeting of the Muskegon Republican County Party last night. It was interesting to see the leadership feign ignorance of the Tea Party. Fred Bertsch from the Tea Party of West Mi. was there and he has been there 2 other meetings and he was asked who he was so he could be introduced as a guest. Gee I remember two meetings ago after the word came down from Weiser that the Repubs should connect with the Tea people and steer them in the right direction; vice Chair Barb Vander Veen cornered Fred after the meeting and grilled him good.

I sincerely hope the party doesn’t screw THIS voting block up. We’re running out of possible voters. The TPers are as conservative as they come and so filled up with everyday common sense that they will probably fly right over the condescending Republican party heads as they are looking down trying to talk at them. Frankly I’m sick of it. The snobbism and elitism and just plain obtuseness of the Leadership is beyond the pale of reason. Why? It makes no sense other than ego. When our chairman is a lobbyist in Lansing I have my doubts of change, at least the change I’m looking for. I saw too that our National Committee Woman who is again running for the 91st state house seat is now showing interest in the Tea Party. That’s sincerity for ya. Kinda goes to credibility you might say. Oh well there’s nothing money can’t buy --- or is there?

What can I say, I guess I should be glad more Republicans didn’t become Democrats so they could get elected. I think CB knows what I mean.

The whole leadership from Wiser on down if they claim to see what’s going on must have developed eyeballs in their behinds as their heads remain buried in the sand. There is a tsunami of Precinct Delegates being recruited Country wide – yes country wide that will be on the ballot. They are being recruited and signed up by the Tea Party groups. Not the Republican Party. There may well be a real election by the people in the precincts to elect a Rino OR a Tea Party Republican as their PD representative. I think I’ll make up some yard signs saying I’m running as a Tea Party Republican for Precinct Delegate Precinct #6, maybe a refrigerator magnate or two, some bumper stickers and find some babies to kiss. It’d be a blast if it wasn’t so sad.

The By-laws of the State party have the PDs as the elected reps of the Precincts and acting as the backbone of the party from which all else is supposed to flow. The party has continually neglected that part of the party as what? Being too Plebian, too much like the unwashed masses? (read too stupid) The business of the County Party gets done the way it always has by 3-4 people to the exclusion, by design or otherwise of the PDs and the public in general. PDs are ridiculed as not doing their jobs. The party never told me what to do except come to a convention to vote so they’d have a quorum. Wow - to quote Chris Matthews, “I felt a chill run up my leg” lol. I had more responsibility when I was 7.

We should have picked our head out of the sand after 2006, we didn’t. After 2008 I stuck my head up and breathed deep. There is a world out there a real world, not made up of spreadsheets and poll numbers but of real people. Once I started getting out among my crowd I started learning. Once I quit preaching I started finding out how better to put conservative principles to use among all the people, to help them get out of the mess we as a nation are falling into. I began talking to people, not just the readers and writers of blogs and other assorted really smart people, who only lacked a little common sense and some real life experiences.

Then as I watched the unwashed impossibly naive masses within one year become better organized than the Party on the county level, while losing only that minimum of naiveté necessary to demand better. They in their simplicity knew they had what they needed; faith in the rights they had as stated in the Constitution and backed by the rule of law. They were thankfully naïve enough to demand that their Representatives listen to them. They used the freedoms of the Constitution to assemble and speak their mind no matter to whom and in what office. They weren't there to listen pliantly to excuses but to demand action.

They were just naive enough to think of the Constitution as what it is; a written contract with the people of America and their elected representatives; stipulating how the people were allowing the government to be formed and the limits of its coercive power. This was to be the one document upon which the rule of law was to be based. The smarter and less naïve lawmakers soon looked at it as a Living Document that need not even be changed as it was too hard to do; but rather simply legislated or judicially decreed away or lately executive ordered to death.

If the people felt as refreshed as I did in actually using my rights, they were feeling good indeed as they exercised those rights and put “Downtown Scotty Brown” in office along with Chris Christie. Wow - did you hear Chris Christie’s speech as Governor of NJ to their legislature? Wow. “Forget About It”. What can I say but “You Betcha”. A Republican, winning by a fair margin in NJ !!!!. Without mob help ---- man o man the people have spoken, if the Repubs can’t connect with and believe in this movement then they deserve to have a 3rd party thrown at them for they have abdicated the Conservative ideals that made them what they are.

You know the next project I was going to do for the party was to start recruiting new members and try to talk the party into setting up a voter registration drive. There are people out there that actually recruit new Republicans off the street. I’ve been getting info from them by email. One is in that Liberal Bastion of Califorina. (NOT sp) But like they said about recruiting PDs last night at the county meeting, we should just limit our recruiting to from our own. Geeze Louise, may my Dad (Young Republican Turk that he was) roll over in his grave.

Perhaps I’ll wait on that idea; I’m thinking I’d make more headway if I started recruiting people to the Tea Party. Either that or stick my head back in the sand. But funny thing about freedom, it is addicting. No wonder it’s such a secret.

Lately I’ve become a political geek, but I hope I’ve kept enough of my idealism and naiveté to help the brewing of some pretty strong tea all across this land; while keeping enough “political geekness” to kick some political butt on occasion. I’m starting right now – right here in my own back yard. I’ve been working for too long for the good of the Party, It’s time to work in my area. The party will do what it will do; and it will do it easier without my help.

I tell ya that fresh air gets you high.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Ps I’ll still report on the Republican events and keep up with the calendars of the “Five Counties” but you will see a blending of Tea Party and Republican events and commentary from me. Something BTW I wish the Party would do.

PS Below are some of the pics from the county Republican meeting in Musk.

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