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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Songs of My Youth

Songs always seem to play a part in my thinking.

One song of my youth started, “Something Happening Here, What it is Ain’t Exactly Clear”. Then another about “A winter’s day, in a deep and dark December – I am alooone, gazing from my window to the streets below; on a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow. I am alone – I am a rock, I am an I I I I Island.

Sometimes as a conservative I get to feeling alone and like an island in a sea of despair. (Whoa – no need to call the butterfly net squad yet, you see I am a Rock lol, I haven’t turned that corner yet). Ever since I started getting out into my precinct (neighborhood) through politics and blogging, I’m finding a few other lost souls in the heart of Muskegon.

“Then along comes Mary” ooops another song jumped in there. Well along came the Tea Party thing and suddenly I found myself among lots of people thinking like I did more or less. We would trade furtive glances just to make sure we didn’t really walk into a “Ban the Bomb” rally.

Something is happening here and it is becoming clearer to those in the “happening”.

Even the top heavy Big everything is taking notice. At a recent County Republican meeting, the state party liaison button-holed the Tea Party guy afterwards saying how much the State party was behind their efforts.

Wow what a change from a few months ago.

Similar scenes are being played out at the local on up to the national level. We all remember the National Republican Committee Chair Michael Steele say that he thought the Republicans probably couldn’t take back the House. He later retracted that BTW. But look at this article in the Washington Times written by Joseph Curl.


Mr. Curl makes the case that the Republican’s have a chance not only to retake the House but now the Senate also. He quotes national pollster John Zogby as saying –“If the election were held today, the Republicans could come close to winning back the Senate, if not actually win it."

I did say “Big Everything”. The Libs like Pelosi and their ilk as they tried to brand the Tea Party people as “Tea Baggers” or their roots as “astro turf”; and all the other names they tried to hang on the TP movement didn’t gain much traction except in their own minds. What it did do was reflect on the name callers as being the ones who were disconnected from reality and from the everyday people. The upshot is that now you will never hear a discouraging word from the Libs about the Tea Party. (At least in public) It is nice to see PC working the other way for a change.

The effects of that disconnect which the TP reflects can be seen all around us. Lately the President reacted to that in a Clintonesque way by trying in a small way to talk a little Conservativeeze by mentioning drilling offshore, clean coal and nuclear. Also the “Freeze” What a joke. How dumb does he think the people are?

But sticking to the local nature of this blog; I attended as an interested party (albeit a tortured silent one) a vetting of a State Rep. Candidate by the political arm of the Tea Party, Icaucus.
Below is a link to the page to get into a local group.


This was an enlightening experience for me. Being a political nut job that I am, I was pleased to see the people who were doing the vetting weren’t; they were just ordinary local people who studied and researched in order to ask some tough questions and also the follow up tougher ones. This process lasted a couple hours. I was impressed by both sides of that equation. Brought me back to my roots and why I’m a political nut job.

This was vetting was my “internship”, I hope to be invited to vett the next candidate. Icaucus is giving all candidates the chance to be vetted. The purpose of the vetting is that when Icaucus gives the candidate its backing; there will be help for that candidate in the form of some money but at the lower state levels there will be volunteers helping on the campaign along with the endorsement of the Tea Party which is carrying more and more weight. The networking of the TP is pretty awesome.

From their Hippy Dippy past the Libs probably have the words to an old song paraphrased running through their head. “Where has all the power gone? Long time Passing. When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?”

The Repbulicans at least are starting to sing "Stop - Hey hey what's that sound? Everybody Look what's going down."

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

For What It's Worth


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