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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


After yesterday’s post I want to make the point that the Tea Party people have stated over and over and over until they are blue in the face for most of their life. They do not want to form a 3rd party. They want to reform the Republican Party from within. So when a Bill Huizenga then tells the TPers how great and wonderful they are and then tells them that they should not form a third party; doesn’t that go to Bill’s knowledge of the Tea Party thing?

I don’t speak for the Tea Party, no one does or they all do and that is the point. We the People are saying what we want. CNN put out a poll and the overwhelming majority by 2-1 said they’d vote to “throw the bums out”: note, very little difference between the parties.
The language is mine; here is a link to Anderson Cooper’s blog AC 360 which says the same thing.


Here is a link to the actual poll


While the poll shows Obama’s numbers still going down; it is funny to see CNN being excoriated by the Left’s blogosphere for even printing such a poll. CNN in the email article I got put in the middle of the text in larger font and highlighted (10 ways your Republican legislator has failed you) which had nothing to do with the story other than to appease the left.

Getting back to local politics and my hope that the Republicans can get their act together to let the TPers in; we need a message. While all the good news is that the Dem. Incumbents are retiring the bad news is that they will be replaced with fresh Non incumbent faces. Maybe the McCains, Snows, and other Republican incumbents should retire also. That is what in my roundabout way I’m trying to get to.

The Tea Party people are tired of both parties making excuses for the mess we are in, when all the while government is getting bigger, deficits are mushrooming and our freedoms shrinking. They wouldn’t mind getting rid of all who made that possible.

Look at the Rasmussen Poll below.


The Democrats still have the lead in the vision race. I don’t think we are taking full advantage of our chances if we just rely on the fact that the people think the Democrat message is misguided.

We (Please note I’m still saying we when I talk of Republicans) as a party need to have a clear message. Reagan had his vision and he hammered away at the same message till through repetition and action people started to believe him. Later in 94 Newt gave us some concrete easily followed promises with the “Contract with America” people believed.

But over the next 10/12 years people quit believing because the Republicans lost their way and it started showing up in the 2006 election then tsunamied us in 2008 when another vision came along. We need a specific message of the precise things we will do if elected. And or a galvanizing governor who will show us by example what he or she did to their state to turn things around. If other Governors follow Chris Christie’s lead we will have a chance to be The party of change in 2010 and 2012.

Getting back to the nuts and bolts, Juanita Pierman (Oceana County Chair) and Joan Runnels (Lake County Chair) are getting a busload of people together going to Lansing and will be shown around by State Rep. Goeff Hansen and perhaps others Republican notaries. I got in late, so I’ll be taking pics. There will be a load of children coming; I’m hoping the pics will be good.

I had originally included Lake County in the “Five Counties” I cover as they do not have a website and only a link to the State GOP site. Well since then the State created a new site promising to put all the counties in it. Well they forgot the promise. Offense intended Mr. Wiser the website sucks. You should help, not hinder your counties. But your memos are great.

Anyway, I’ll be putting not only the major stuff on my calendar for Lake as I do with the other 4 counties but for Lake county I will list the meet and greets she sends me. That would be too much for me for all the candidates and counties but Lake could use the help and doesn’t mind plus they are a feisty bunch.

All for now.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

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