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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Wendy Day

Last night 2/23 I had a nice ride up to Scottville Mi. to see a town hall put on about health care sponsored by the Ludington and Manistee Tea Parties under the umbrella of the Tea Party of West Michigan.

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Rod Merrill and the crew from Ludington with Ilene and Tom Biggs from Manistee put on a great event. About 100 people showed up. Guests speakers were Wendy Day of Tea Party fame, Ken Braun from the Mackinac Center and Sen. Wayne Kuipers.

Wendy Lynn Day was the Mistress of ceremonies. Wendy is nothing if she’s not a doer. Here is her facebook page.


Like I said she’s a doer. Just a couple of days ago when it snowed and almost everyone was complaining, she got a group together and made snowmen, about 3 dozen snowmen, in Lansing and decorated them with licorice and marshmallows and stuck protest signs in their hands. Shanghi posted about it. Yeaaah? -- that’s not Shanghi Mi.


I remember her from way back when. Bear with me please.

Did I say she was a doer and not a BSer??? Follow this time line.

On the morning of Feb. 19th 2009 no one had heard of Tea Parties except as a cute piece of ancient American History.

Then later in the day Rick Santelli on FOX (where else) gave a rant heard round the world, we’ve all seen it, we thought it was great then we went about our lives like nothing had happened except maybe we had a little smirk for the next day.. Well that was most of us. The windy city rant blew into Lansing and Wendy Day sniffed it like a bloodhound and was on it.

The very next day
On Friday, Feb.20th 2009 Wendy posted this on her blog.

By the following Tues (4days) she had organized it, and put the word out.
Three days later in Lansing there was a Tea Party with over 300 people. you notice in the article Joan, Melanie and Wendy all went on to become major organizers in Michigan and beyond in the Tea Party Movement. I remember taking pictures of the Thousands that turned up less than 2 months later on the steps of the state capital April 15th; myself included.

Is Wendy the leader of and responsible for the Tea Party Movement? No but she was a part – a big part. She showed “we the people” at least in Michigan that it wasn’t rocket science to get involved and (a big and) – we weren’t alone. All you had to do was call some friends (network) and set a date and show up. The word if it’s good does the rest. From 0-300 in a week, from 300-3/4000 in 2 months.


Here are the pics of Wendy and Joan.

Wendy is on a tear with something else involving individual and State’s Rights which was introduced by Senator Wayne Kuipers who announced last night at the Forum that he was told his bill had made it out of committee and will make it to the floor for debate and a vote.

What bill you ask? Lol The bill is linked below.

There is a House Bill also.


First a hat tip to Rod Merrill who is becoming a bountiful source of information for the Tea Party Movement in West Michigan. Did I say he is the networking king of it all???

Wendy, Wayne and Ken Braun all are on the same page as far as getting this passed in the Senate.

Ken Braun from the Mac. Center gave a good get it moving presentation and how the Mac Center has the tools and research necessary for Tea Party Activists to help in this endeavor. He is the creator of the Mac. Center's Capital Confidential which comes out every other month. In Muskegon you can pick one up for free at Carmen's Cafe downtown at their newsstand. Ken told us now that it is online for free also and the site has new contenet daily.

Senator Kuipers said he thought all the Republicans would vote for it but the problem is that there needs to be a 2/3 vote in the Senate and the Democrat controlled House for this to pass. Kuipers said they needed to convince 4 Dems in the Senate and I believe <<< edit 30 not 14 >>> 14 in the House.

Did I say Wendy is a doer. Lol She’s on this like white on rice; but she needs our help, so does Senator Kuipers. Go to his website and sign his petition for Independent Health Care in Michigan. That’s a start. I will blog later as I find out more and come up with my own tid bits.


The crowd was listening and they asked questions at the end which showed they were paying attention to the finer points. Well at least those over 2years old.

There is a new Paradigm out there and the Tea Party Movement is a big part of it. Politics as usual doesn’t work well any more. Like government it is broken. The old ways have reached critical mass and need something. Politics as well as nature abhor a vacuum and soon fill it. Move over Kirby, The Tea Partiers are sucking up the dirt and cleaning up the process; inventing new old ways to set thing right.

A Couple Cases in point.

The first meeting of all the 2nd Congressional Candidates including the Libertarian, the Democrat and all four Republicans was held in Holland and the Holland/Zeeland Tea Parties hosted it. Not the Chamber or either political party or the Moose Lodge.

Last night a State Senator broke the news that his bill would be making it out of committee. Where did he do that? At a Tea Party sponsored Forum. Guess who he is counting on to help create the pressure needed to get the bill through and into law? Guess who he understands is the only group that if it comes to a referendum, has the people on the ground to get the signatures necessary to get it on the ballot. Guess who he is counting on that if the Bill becomes law will have the sand to stand up and defy the Federal Government? Yup You Betcha, the Tea Party.

I will try to live up to Wendy’s energy and see how I can help in Muskegon hopefully with our Re-energized Tea Party; the Muskegon Patriots. Wendy has shown me we are not alone. As Instapundit Glen Reynolds has said we are each but one in an “Army of Davids”.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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