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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brewing Tea in Zeeland/Holland.

Brewing Tea in Zeeland/Holland.

The Zeeland/Holland Tea Party put on a candidate forum for the candidates running for the 2nd Congressional Seat of Michigan. Pete Hoekstra will not be running and the field is crowded with 4 Republican contenders, a Democrat, a libertarian, and last night I found out that there is a “Tea Party Republican” running. Jim Chiodo was the master of ceremonies and it was an informative affair.
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The volunteer TPers brought lots of stuff and there was a nice spread of finger food and plenty of coffee etc.
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Each candidate had 20 minutes. They usually would talk about 15 minutes about their candidacy then take questions from the audience. The event went smoothly and although the Republicans traded a few barbs everyone left standing up. I must admit that I was wondering how the Democrat would fair. Former Marine Captain Fred Johnson did well and highlighted his military background but when he got into politics, the message was the same old liberal story. When talking about Detroit schools he said more money was needed and that would solve the problem. The crowd wasn’t in his pocket but I give him credit for showing up.

The one bad thing happened during the Question and Answer period when a guy stood up wearing an Obama pin and said he was too then said something about “Tea Baggers” which put a hush on the group. Jim Chiodo to his credit stood up after that and let everyone know that the term was offensive and would not be allowed in this meeting.
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The meeting was long but the audience had time to listen to all the candidates talk in-depth about their beliefs, the audience I’m sure left with a better understanding of the candidates. That was the point afterall.

I will just post some of the pics. I’m glad I went and even though there was a blizzard; the room was still almost filled.

I saw a nicely mixed crowd. Being a Republican I saw some freindly faces.

To start things off a Boy Scout Color Guard did the honors

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

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